Best Climax Enhancer as of 2019 – Reviews and Ratings

A climax enhancer is a supplement that boosts semen volume. Yes, this really is a health product niche and – we’ll argue – one of the most enjoyable.

Here’s why.

With more semen to expel, the muscles involved in the climax process are forced to contract longer and faster, and with more intensity.

The result is a longer, and more pleasurable climax. Yes, that’s really possible.

best climax enhancer 2019

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That said, not all climax enhancers are worth your money. You’re looking for a specific criteria here. Results come first, of course, but that depends on a formula that’s well-dosed and delivers what it claims.

Also, does the product offer good value? Who makes the product – do they have a good reputation? And what about a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t deliver?

These are among the many factors we address in our climax enhancer reviews of the most popular climax enhancer supplements on the market in 2019.

Life is short, and there’s a world of pleasure out there waiting for your bedroom. The key is to find the right products that actually bring it.

Our job is to help you find them. So with that, pull up a chair and let the fun begin!

#1 – Semenax


The sign says ‘Take Your Climax to New Levels of Awesome’. That’s a very nice place to be, and a promise on which Semenax delivers in a very big way.

At A Glance



  • Longer, More Intense Climaxes
  • Bigger Loads
  • See Your Virility
  • Exceptional Pleasure
  • Excellent Sexual Satisfaction

Product Info:

Semenax is a natural climax enhancer. It’s designed to increase your ejaculate, so you have bigger loads to expel when you climax.

With more semen to expel, Semenax forces the orgasmic muscles to contract longer, faster, and with greater intensity.

The result is the ‘Semenax Climax ‘ something words can’t do justice. Trust us when we tell you: this is something you need to experience for yourself.

Semenax has many other factors that put it at the top of the natural Climax Enhancer category. It’s an expert formula, well-dosed, and is made by Leading Edge Health – the same company that makes VigRX Plus.

Now factor in excellent customer reviews, a great reputation, excellent value, a generous 67 day guarantee and a sex life bordering on hedonistic, and congratulations:

You’re looking at the single best way to make your climax more enjoyable.


  • Awesome Results
  • Excellent Value
  • Great Money-Back Guarantee
  • Good Company Reputation
  • An ‘Insane’ Sex Life


  • Can’t Buy it in Stores
  • Not ‘Cheap’

Read our full Semenax review here and learn more about this highly enjoyable climax enhancer.


#2 – Volume Pills


There’s a climax, then there’s a Volume Pills climax, which just keeps going and going, and may turn your bedroom into a Palace of Pleasure.

At a Glance:


  • Boosts semen volume
  • Makes climaxes longer
  • Intensifies pleasure
  • Brings greater sexual satisfaction
  • Great investment in sexual wellness

Product Info:

It’s pretty much impossible to beat Semenax as the best climax enhancer. But we’ll admit, Volume Pills gives it a good run for the money. That’s because it brings pleasure in a huge way, thanks to a stacked formula, a great reputation, excellent value and, bear with us on this, huge loads of your own semen.

You know what that means: a crazy awesome climax. The manufacturer claims Volume Pills can help you climax five times longer.

We’re believers – and we’ll go on record to say Volume Pills was one of the most enjoyable products we’ve ever tested. The pleasure was ours, believe us!

Volume Pills takes a different approach to its formula. Unlike Semenax, Volume Pills goes heavier on sexual nutrients used in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. The proof is in the details: Volume Pills delivers. We’ll address the formula in greater detail in our extended review.

More things you should know about Volume Pills. The value is here, the guarantee is good. You may even find it gives you a bigger erection.

This is an excellent climax enhancer, and great investment in sexual wellness and quality of life.


  • Great Results
  • High Quality Formula
  • Great Money-Back Guarantee
  • Excellent Value
  • Boosts Sexual Enjoyment


  • Not available in stores
  • Slightly expensive

Read our full Volume Pills Review here and learn more about this pleasure-inducing product.


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