9 Best Legal Steroids Alternatives On The Market 2019 That Actually Work

By Alex Woodrow | Legal Steroids

Apr 11

Best Legal Steroids Reviews, Results, Pros and Cons 2019

Hey, Alex here and Welcome to my Uncensored, Full Controversial Crazy Bulk’s Best legal steroids, Alternatives and Stacks  review, where I am giving you all of the Truths about the legal steroids.

You’ve got it all planned out – you’re hitting the weights hard; you’ve got your diet in check; you’re training with the right equipment everyday… but no matter what you do your body is refusing to cooperate.

The 9 Best Legal Steroids on the Market in 2019

When faced with these results it is easy to fall foul to the temptations of trying steroids. Proven to produce fast, easy and visible gains they are the easy route to a long and testing journey.

Yet even with legal steroids there is an element of risk, and more worryingly a long list of negative side effects that can prove damaging to your long term health.

Fortunately there is another way…  Steroid alternatives.

List of The 9 Best Legal Steroids Alternatives on The Market [2019 Updated]

Legal SteroidsRatingsPrice
D-Bal (Dianabol Alternative)5.0Check Price
Anadrole (Legal Alternative to Anadrol)4.9Check Price
Decaduro (Powerful Alternative to Deca Durabolin)4.8 Check Price
Trenorol (Legal Alternative to Trenbolone)4.8Check Price
TestoGen (The Best Legal Sustanon Alternative)4.8Check Price
HGH X2 (Somatropin HGH Legal Alternative)4.8Check Price
Clenbutrol (Legal Alternative to Clenbuterol)4.8Check Price
Anvarol (Anavar Alternative)4.7Check Price
Winsol (Legal Alternative to Winstrol)4.7Check Price


Stacked together or taken alone, each of the following 9 steroid alternatives can prove to be an invaluable asset to your bulking and cutting cycles thanks to their anabolic properties.

Simply take the time to pick, choose and recognize your body goals, and in just 2 months you can attain lean muscle mass gains of up to 20lbs!

And the best news of all?! They are 100% safe, legal and natural.

No longer do you have to endure the negative side effects of steroids.

Instead you can INSTANTLY eliminate all risks to your liver, kidneys and blood pressure, and experience ONLY the positive gains of improved stamina, increased endurance, bolstered testosterone AND a libido to match your new body.

So what are you waiting for?

#1. D-Bal – Legal + Safe Dianabol Alternative

D-Bal Legal steroid


A proven muscle and strength building agent, D-Bal contains a fast acting anabolic formula that mimics the same muscle building capabilities of the steroid Methandrostenolene / Dianabol / DBOL.

Reputed to create a highly active and anabolic environment, these conditions trigger increased nitrogen retention within your muscles leading to improvements in protein synthesis but also visible enhancements to your stamina, strength, muscle size and blood flow.

D-Bal has also been found to safely, quickly and naturally increase lean muscle mass; proving to be an invaluable asset to those looking to bulk or improve their strength cycles, focus and drive.

In turn, this oral formula requires no prescription; can be shipped worldwide and is a 100% legal and safe alternative to Methandrostenolene and other pure anabolic steroids.

Other Benefits:

  • Does not elevate blood pressure
  • Does not cause toxicity to the liver or kidneys

NOTE: This formula is designed to show results in less than 14 days. For the best results take 1 tablet 3 times a day during mealtimes for at least 2 months. On workout days consume 30-45 minutes before your workout.

D-Bal can successfully be stacked with Decaduro, Trenorol and TestoGen.


Note: For RAPID MUSCLE GAINS We Recommend Using CrazyBulk’s BULKING STACK.

#2. Anadrole – Legal Steroid Alternative to Anadrol

Anadrole Legal steroid


A powerful anabolic, Anadrole is so potent that it can be used as a standalone product as well as part of a stacking formula.

Reputed to stimulate increased red blood cell production as well as boost oxygen transportation; Anadrole can also help fight fatigue; keep you pumping for longer and ultimately build muscle mass.

The Science: Believed to mimic the same anabolic effects of Oxymethalone – minus the negative side effects e.g. toxicity of your liver and kidneys – through a process of increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis Anadrole can increase your lean muscle mass by up to 15-20lbs within your first cycle.

But this is not all…

Anadrole can also bolster endurance levels; improve red cell production and oxygenation of the muscles; enhance nitrogen retention and strength cycles; replenish energy and stamina, and most importantly quicken your recovery times.

And with no need for a prescription, Anadrole can be taken orally and be used as a 100% safe and legal alternative to pure Anadrol anabolic steroids.

NOTE: For optimum results take 1 tablet 2 times a day at mealtimes for up to 2 months (workout period: 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off). On workout days, take 30-45 minutes before you start your workout.

Anadrole can be stacked with Decaduro, D-Bal and Trenorol.


#3. Decaduro- A Powerful Alternative to Deca Durobolin

decaduro legal steroid


A proven muscle and strength agent, Decaduro contains a highly advanced anabolic formula that can help you to overcome plateaus and experience new heights of strength.

Reputed to produce the same results as Nandrolone (with none of the side effects), many customers have experienced lean muscle mass gains of up to 20lbs in just one month. Yet Decaduro can do more than increase strength. It has also been known to alleviate joint pain – caused by heavy lifting – by boosting collagen synthesis and speeding up the healing process.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased protein synthesis, muscle gain and nitrogen retention
  • Can be used as both a cutting AND bulking agent
  • Can sooth aching joints
  • Resistance to water retention (eliminating intra-cellular bloating)
  • Increased lean muscle mass (whilst reducing body fat)

Decaduro is a 100% legal, orally taken tablet that can be stacked with D-Bal, Anadrole, Trenorol and TestoGen – or on its own – and can produce results in as little as 2 weeks.

NOTE: Decaduro does not convert to estrogen nor does it increase cholesterol or triglyceride levels; suppress testosterone or produce toxicity in your liver or kidneys. For maximum results take 1 tablet 2-3 times a day with meals and ensure that it is ingested 30-45 minutes before a workout.


#4. Trenorol – Looking For a Trenbolone Alternative?

Trenorol - one of the best legal steroids on the market


Most popularly used by bodybuilders as a cutting and bulking agent, Trenorol is an ultra-enhanced, premium anabolic formula that when stacked with D-Bal can double your power whilst producing lean muscle mass gains of 10-15lbs in just 30 days.

The fact that Trenorol contains lipolytic fat burning properties – that can incinerate subcutaneous and visceral fats – ensures all muscle gains are lean, hard and healthy.

But this is not all this potent bulking agent can do.

Trenorol also releases large quantities of free testosterone, that when combined with increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, can accelerate muscle gain whilst maintaining hard muscle density.

NOTE: TRENOROL can match the same anabolic potency of Trenbolone; does not covert estrogen or cause water retention; is not toxic to your liver or kidney, and is designed to produce results in just 14 days. For optimum results take 1 tablet 2 times a day at mealtimes, and on workout days make sure to consume it 30-45 minutes before you work out.

Trenorol can safely be stacked with Winsol, Clenbutrol and D-Bal.

 It can only be bought through the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of Crazy Bulk.


#5. TestoGen – Increase Your Testosterone with This Legal Sustanon Alternative

Testogen - Best legal steroid alternative to Sustanon


A popular, all-natural testosterone booster and energy agent; TestoGen is a favourite amongst bodybuilders thanks to its ability to produce quick lean muscle gains; fast recovery times; invigorated energy levels and vast improvements to strength.

Best known for its ability to safely increase testosterone levels – with none of the negative side effects – TestoGen contains both anabolic and androgenic properties that enables it to encourage increased protein synthesis and blood; improved strength, stamina and recovery, and reductions to body fat. It has also been linked to improvements in libido, fertility and sex drive.

NOTE: TestoGen is a 100% legal and orally taken tablet that can produce results in under 2 weeks when taken 2-3 times a day (1 tablet) at mealtimes. It can also be used as a medical alternative for treating erectile dysfunction.

TestoGen can be successfully stacked with D-Bal, Decaduro, Trenorol and Anadrole.


#6. Clenbutrol – Legal Alternative to Clenbuterol  

Clenbutrol - Best legal steroids alternative to clenbuterol


Renowned for its ephedrine-free fat burning properties, Clenbutrol can help you to reshape your body during bulking and cutting cycles by acting as a thermogenic agent.

Working to melt fat whilst retaining lean, dense muscles; Clenbutrol can help to tone and tighten your muscles by increasing oxygen transportation throughout your body during intense workouts.

Yet this is not all this versatile oral tablet can do.

Clenbutrol is also reputed to increase your muscle to fat ratio; heighten your stamina and endurance; can substantially reduce your appetite; can eliminate water retention – in turn helping to reveal muscle. Clenbutrol can increase muscle composition and fiber size, and lastly can stimulate your central nervous system.

And 100% legal and subscription free, Clenbutrol can also be used as a natural alternative to shedding those unwanted pounds and fat, and combating obesity. Simply take 1 tablet 3 times a day during meal times and in 2 weeks you can begin witnessing the results of your efforts.

Clenbutrol can safely be stacked with Anvarol, TestoGen, Trenorol and Winsol.


#7. Anavarol – Legal Steroid Alternative to Anavar



Best known for acting as a lean muscle agent thanks to its powerful anabolic properties; Anavar can help you to build lean muscle without sacrificing muscle mass, whilst at the same time boosting your strength.

Most often stacked with Trenorol, Anavar is best used during cutting cycles as it works quickly to burn fat (by incinerating visceral and subcutaneous fat); enhance vascularity; boost muscle nutrition; improve muscle density and hardness, and retain lean muscle – all whilst lowering your calorie intake.

And 100% safe, legal and natural, you can order Anavar without fear of toxicity to your liver and kidneys. Instead you can begin witnessing results in as little as 2 weeks.

For the best results take 1 tablet 2 times a day with meals and ensure you consume 30-45 minutes before a workout on workout days.

Anavar can be stacked with a number of legal steroid alternatives including Winsol, Clenbutrol and Trenorol.


#8. Winsol – Get Ripped with This Safe + Legal Alternative to Winstrol 

Winsol - Best legal steroid alternative to Winstrol


A powerful anabolic and lean mass agent, Winsol can help you to redefine your body by increasing your muscle density, boosting your confidence and melting away the fat.

Winsol is regularly used by the pros to expose abs during competition season as it efficiently incinerates fat; enhances your speed, stamina and agility, and has a metabolizing effect on your weight helping to eliminate excess body fat.

In turn with its support you can: easily increase your strength without unnecessary weight gain; benefit from improved vascularity (which will enable you to avoid bloating) and eliminate water retention, thus helping to expose muscle definition.

For optimum results, we suggest incorporating it into your cutting cycle for a minimum of 2 weeks by taking 1 tablet 2 times a day during mealtimes.

NOTE: A 100% legal, oral tablet, Winsol can safely be taken without prescription and is not toxic to your liver or kidneys.

Winsol can be stacked with Anavar, Clenbutrol and Trenorol.


#9. HGH X2 – Top Rated Legal HGH Booster for Rapid Gains

HGH X2 - Best legal steroids alternative to HGH


A proven muscle and strength building agent, HGH can offer bodybuilders a competitive advantage as it can offer unprecedented improvements to your strength, size and recovery times.

HGH contains a potent IGF-1 formula that helps to build muscle quickly, whilst keeping your skin, immune system and brain healthy.

In fact HGH is regularly used amongst athletes due to its ability to improve performance levels, and encourage natural cell growth and reproduction.

Assisting to build muscle and improve blood flow during exercise, when incorporated into bulking and strength cycles HGH can: bolster your strength, recovery times, drive and focus; enhance nitrogen retention; can stimulate your immune system and the creation of lean muscle mass, and most importantly won’t elevate your blood pressure.

NOTE: HGH is 100% natural, legal and a safe alternative to pure anabolic steroids and is not toxic to your liver or kidneys. Instead in less than 2 weeks you can begin to see a noticeable difference to your lean muscle mass when 2 tablets are taken 2 hours before a meal with 8oz of water.


So what are you waiting for?

Transform The Way You Look 100% Naturally, Safely and Legally With Any of These Top 9 Steroid Alternatives!

Proven To Build Lean Muscle Mass, Eliminate Fat And Get Your Body Competition Ready – Achieving The Body You Want Has Never Been Easier!

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Illegal Steroids:

If you would like to follow the unfolded route, below are the 10 Illegal Steroid you can find on the market. They are said to cause severe side effects but that’s not worse than lacking the courage to awaken the deeper truth you seek for.

DianabolDianabol is one of the common steroids on the market, first manufactured by CIBA. It is the first steroid manufactured solely for anabolic performance. It is able to drastically improve testosterone levels, make you stronger and improves performance.

Side Effects

Dianabol has its own side effects including increasing acne and the lack of sleep.

Its main side effect is, however, the stimulation of estrogens, which brings about the increase in male breast tissues. You would, therefore, need to take the necessary precautions when using Dianabol.

  • Trenbolone

TrenboloneTrebolone has gained fame among its like as the most powerful anabolic steroid to get on the market.

Created by mimicking the nandrolone tissue, it carries a double bond, carbon 9 and 11, which reduces the rate of metabolism and decreases the rate of muscle breakdown.

With is the ability to reduce the rate of metabolism, trenbolone it allows you to workout intensively with low calories without losing muscle mass.

It is very good for stage performances.

Side Effects

Trenbolene can cause renal hypertrophy, decrease HDL levels, and causes skin issues.

It brings about spontaneous erections and excessive sweating.

  • HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

HGHHuman Growth Hormone is a naturally created hormone in the body during adolescent to promote growth muscles, bones, and soft tissues.

It is among other things able to grow the body muscles, reduce body fat, and build the immune system.

Side Effects

The effects of HGH is minimal compared to other steroids, however, care should be taken when using it.

It can affect the work of the internal organs including putting chronic stress on the heart, and lung.

It can lead to hypertension and cancer.

  • Deca Durabolin


Deca Durabolin is one of the foremost steroids and probably forgotten by many legal steroid users. Originally known as Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, it was first created in the 1950s.

Durabolin has numerous benefits for users and critically known for enhancing pure mass and strength.

It increases your testosterone level thereby curbing muscle breakdown and the results is a massive buildup and strength.

Side Effects

The side effects of Durabolin are huge side effects and research into its use was not enough to substantiate its use, hence, its ban.

It has the tenacity of causing heart diseases since it increases cholesterol level.

It can also cause estrogenic issues that lead to gynecomastia and stress on the heart. You should be very cautious in using Durabolin to avert any huge health risks.

AnadrolAnadrol is one of the best legal steroids to choose when you are in an endurance based sports.

Primarily created to treat anaemia, anadrol helps in creating enough red blood cells for the carrying of oxygen in the body.

It, therefore, helps you to workout in a longer period. It can also marginally promote weight gain.

Side Effects

Anodral is not an anabolic steroid in basics but its stimulation of the red blood cells and other hormones can cause side effects like a headache, depression, rapid weight gain, lethargy and sometimes change in skin colour.

clenbuterolClenbuterol is another a steroid to watch when you go to the market. Used basically as a bronchodilator drug in treating asthma, it also has enormous benefits for sportsmen.

It burns belly fat and fat in the muscles. So if you are looking to cut some fat. It does not result in man boobs like other legal steroids.

Side Effect

Clenbuterol is not actually an anabolic steroid but comes with its own side effects.

It can affect the nervous system by increasing the activities of some of the internal organs.

It can cause arrhythmia, muscle cramps, anxiety and nausea.

SustanonSustanon is unique on its own and formulated with the combination of four substances, that improve s your performance and workouts.

It is best in increasing free-testosterone level, decrease recovery time, improve your strength, and brings about harder erections.  It contains:

  • 30mg Testosterone Propionate
  • 60mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate
  • 60mg Testosterone Isocaproate
  • 100mg Testosterone Decanoate

Side Effects

It increases estrogen levels and causes gynecomastia resulting in man boobs.

It can also cause water retention, increased fat retention, and bloating blood pressure elevations.


Testosterone is one of the oldest steroids on its own and samples of it are contained in many of the anabolics on the market today.

You can rely on testosterone for muscular gains within just about three weeks as well as increasing your strength for workouts.

Taking advantage of the power of testosterone, manufacturers have produced sub types in the market but comparably, all of them may give you the same results.

Side Effects

Despite having several benefits, it also comes with an ugly side and therefore you should be careful when using testosterone based steroids.

Using it can increase your sex drive, shrink your testis and even cause baldness. You should also be mindful that testosterone increases estrogen and you can get man boobs.

Anavar SteroidAnavar is considered one of the safest anabolic steroids you can get on the market. Saying it is safe is relative since it can be toxic.

It increase free-testosterone and adapt Dihydrotestesterone. However, it does not necessarily increase estrogen neither does it put stress on the heart.

It can be taken orally for about 8-weeks at a time. Women and children can also use it as well, making it a great steroid for beginners who seek to increase their body composition, endurance level, and strength.

Side Effects

Despite its effects being mild, using it can cause acne, increased hair growth in the face and body, produce oily skin, benign prostatic hyperplasia and even baldness.

Winstrol Steroid

Winstrol can be regarded as the most commonly used anabolic steroids by bodybuilders. Referred to as the king of all anabolic steroids, you can benefit a lot from using it.

It was purposely created for increasing red blood cells to promote the circulation of oxygenated blood in the body and aid in nutrients transporting.

Using Winstrol can improve performance level, endurance, and prolong training and prevent muscle breakdown and high fatigue level.

Side Effects

Winstrol can cause skin disorder like rapid hair growth, acne, edma, and hair loss. Some user can also experience erectile dysfunction, insomnia, immune dysfunction, and testicular atrophy.

Results are the key! Regardless of your goals, Crazybulk has a Unique Stack for faster, bigger and better results. Needless to talk about the great Savings Offers.

Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids Stacks

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

We think that the name kind of sums up what this stack is all about. This is the ultimate if you want the best of all worlds when it comes to gains in the gym. All bases are covered here from muscle bulking, strength gaining, muscle retention, and fat burning.

This like the other stacks has been designed so that you can use all of the supplements at the same time alongside a dedicated workout and diet regime. There is no risk of side-effects and only the risk of becoming the leanest and meanest looking dude on your block.

You will get insanely fast results thanks to this pack which includes:

You have seen what all of the above can do individually, now see what they can do together!


Strength stack

Crazy Bulk Strength Stack

What you get in Strength Stack

The benefit of preferring Strength Stack to individual bottles is that you save money by buying the stack.

Don’t forget, buy two and get one FREE on ALL products and stacks

Salient features of Strength Stack

  • All steroids in the stack are legal and safe
  • The steroids are for oral consumption and require no needles
  • You need no prescription to buy and use the steroids
  • Crazy Bulk offers free delivery worldwide
  • The stack renders extreme strength and energy to body builders

Working of each steroid

  • Testo-Max contains extract of tribulus terrestris, which increases testosterone levels in the body to give you extreme strength, stamina, and muscle mass.
  • Trenorol increases red blood cells, pumps in more oxygen to muscles, increases nitrogen retention, and helps you attain big muscles.
  • Anvarol gives you an energy boost and makes you work out harder and for longer hours to build an awesome body.
  • D-Bal helps you attain mega muscles by increasing nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. This helps to synthesize more protein. You get high gains in size and strength of muscles.

Strength stack  helps you achieve your bodybuilding goals faster and in a better manner.This stack is suitable for seasoned body builders and for beginners.

Get ready to bulk up and show your ‘manly’ power to the world with the Strength Stack

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Growth Stack

Crazy Bulk Growth hormone stack

What is the Growth Stack?

This stack consists of 5 powerful muscle building formulations that help you get a ripped muscular and rock-hard look and also help in burning fat.

The stack consists of:

What does each steroid do?

HGH-X2: This steroid boosts body’s natural growth and secrets more Human Growth Hormone  in blood by stimulating  the pituitary gland . It also fastens muscle recovery, encourages growth of lean muscle tissue and burns fat more.

Testo Max: It increases testosterone levels to boost performance and energy . It helps you gain massive muscles mass and gives you strength. It also helps to burn fat quickly by increasing metabolism.

D-Bal: This top-seller of Crazy Bulk is a safer and legal alternative to Dianabol. It increases nitrogen retention ,helps you build huge muscle mass, and enhances protein synthesis.

DecaDuro: Safer alternative to Deca-Durobolin  helps to increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis . DecaDuro helps to bulk up and renders extreme strength. It soothes aching joints that often happen after intensive workouts. Decaduro encourages faster fat burning and speeds up recovery time. It is a a favorite of body builders and power-packed steroid.

Clenbutrol: It cuts fat and ups metabolism and helps to build a ripped-off muscle look.This is a great cutting steroid.

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Bulking Stack

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

The stack works wonders. It powers you up with huge muscles. It is an energy booster. Bulking Stack helps muscles recover rapidly. The bulking stack pushes your body to limits it had not known before.

Bulking Stack contains

  • 1 Bottle of D-Bal (Dianabol)
  • One Bottle of TestoMax (Sustanon)
  • 1 x Trenorol (Trenbolone)
  • 1 x DecaDuro (Decadurabolin)

Benefits of Bulking Stack

  • Massive muscle bulk
  • Gain huge muscle mass
  • Extra ordinary strength
  • Obtain quick results in just 30 days

All the four products in the stack are are created in FDA-approved facilities and proved to be safe and legal.

All the 4 products work together to increase blood and oxygen supply to muscles for stamina and fast recovery , nitrogen retention in muscles. This creates an anabolic state needed for massive muscle gain in size and strength. Your testosterone levels increases to bring out the body building beast in you.

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Cutting stack

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

Cutting Stack gives you

Biggest Advantage

Without losing muscle you can lose fat drastically using this stack. This gives you a fit and lean look.

Cutting Stack helps you ‘cut’ fat, helps you get the ripped-off look and  gives you extreme strength to carry out your body building exercises.

How each bottle helps

Anvarol: This is for gaining extreme strength and energy. It increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ADP) levels that make you an ‘energy bomb.’ You are ready to push harder at the gym.

Clenbutrol: Raises internal temperature of your body. This helps ‘melt’ fat faster by increasing your metabolic rate, You will be left with ultra-lean muscle and an attractive physique. Clenbutrol charges your muscles for serious  workouts and give you a killer look.

Winsol: This is for burning fat during cutting cycles and is absolutely drool-worthy.You will attain a fantastic physique by get rock-hard muscles with high vascularity .

Testo-Max: It increases testosterone levels in the body by secreting more (LH) Luteinizing hormone. This gives you strength for high performance and massive muscle mass.

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Crazy Bulk Legal Steroid Stack Cycles

Okay so how long does it take to work? How often do I have to take them? Is it daily and how many per day? Also how long will the Crazy bulk supplements last for?

These are all the questions that I had straight away and this company is so open you get all this information on their website. They hide nothing because they are offering a quality product that they clearly stand by.

I will cover the Cutting Stack also the Bulking stack and all other stacks that are available through the official crazy bulk website.

Before I get stuck into the Usage and cycles of the different Crazy bulk stacks let me answer the question above as I’m sure you would like to know the answer as I did. Firstly I will list the questions and then the reply or information I was able to gather from my investigations. So here we go:

  •  So how long does it take to work?

Well this may surprise you but it won’t work in the next 48 hours. Most companies I found tell you blatant lies to get you to purchase under false pretenses. Well here’s what the guys and gals at Crazy Bulk have to say about the results and how long it really takes.

Now apparently all this does depend on your current workout routines and diet but in general you will start to see REAL positive RESULTS in around 4 weeks time. If your goals are realistic then after 8 weeks most people are ecstatic with there results if they keep up a good diet and workout or exercise routine.

All in all I found that to be very similar to those people I have asked, they reported good results and some recorded minimum results in the first 4 weeks but all we extremely happy and had achieved there goals by around the 9 week stage.

  • How Often Do You Have To Take Them?

Once again I found that this does vary from person to person and from stack to stack. So basically a person who is taking the Crazy bulk bulking stack would have a slightly different dose than that of a person using the Crazy bulk Cutting stack.

In saying that the general cross the board rules with all the supplements seems to be that you get 90 capsules per container. They expect that container to last 4 weeks therefore you are having up to 3 capsules per day. They are capsules which are easy to swallow, you also get 4 different containers with each stack.

So in conclusion you take 2 – 3 tablets per day of each individual formula, some are to be taken with food at the beginning or end of the day and some are for before a workout and some are for recover periods. Don’t worry too much as you get all the instructions in great details with your order.

  • How Long will the Crazybulk Supplements Last For?

Well, I did sort of already answer this question in the last response but in general each stack if taken correctly will last 4 weeks. They also advise to only take one stack at a time. For instance if you were in the off season and getting back to your normal size then you may want to use the Crazy bulk Bulking Stack therefore for best results you would not use any other stack until the 4 weeks are up.

After this then it would make sense to go onto the Crazy bulk Cutting stack to get ripped ready for summer or competitions.

So lets get into the actual cycles for each different stack and remember they are all very similar when it comes to the cycles and usage cycles. Check it out below:

Cutting Stack Cycle

Firstly with the Crazy bulk Cutting Stack you have the option to get an 8 week stack which is what they recommend.

cutting stack cycle

The benefit in doing this is you will get the results you are after and you also get a 3rd stack completely FREE.

As you can clearly see from the image the Cutting stack comes with 4 separate formulas that all work together to get you ripped in 30 days. It’s a 4 week cycle and then you should follow that up with another 4 weeks cycle.

Order Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

Bulking Stack Cycle

So once again as with the cutting stack you do get the option do get an 8 week cycle as they recommend.

Also this comes with the same deal that if you get 2 stacks then the 3rd one is free. I like that because you know have enough to get you through for 12 weeks.

bulking stack cycle

In the image you can see that there are also 4 different supplements that make up the entire stack. Now each one is important so you MUST take all in conjunction with each other you will be instructed.

They need to be taken daily and everyday of the week for at least the first 4 weeks. I recommend you take advantage of the 12 weeks worth for the price of 2.

Order Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

Ultimate Stack Cycle

So we finally come to the best of the best, now this little beauty comes with the same cycles as the other 2.

So 1 stack lasts you for 4 weeks if taken correctly and it’s once again recommended to take this for an 8 week period to achieve the maximum potential. You also get the 3rd one FREE if you get the 8 week stack.

ultimate stack cycle

This one is the one you want if you have everything to work on and you want a one stop solution. This will enable you to bulk up in an incredible way and also cut up and get totally ripped at the same time.

This is the ONLY stack that can give you both the desired results completely safely.

This ones worth checking out as well if the above describes you.

So as you can see from the above details they really do offer a complete package or stack for every individual. Whether you are needing to bulk up of cut up they have a solution that comes in a handy bottle for every one of your needs.

They even have the Ultimate stack which does the lot. So you have more than likely landing on this page looking for the Crazy bulk Cutting Stack and above is exactly what you get, when you take and how long you need to keep it up to get results that you are proud to show off.

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Is Crazy bulk Really A 100% Legal Steroid?

Okay so this was a big question because they advertise this fact everywhere, they say that the Crazy bulk Cutting Stack and Bulking Stack is a 100% Legal Steroid.

Is it true?

After investigating this exact issue I found that I was able to get hold of the ingredients or compound nutrients that they use to make up the supplements.

I was not able to get the amounts and potency but this did not matter because every single thing that they add into make up this supplement is 100% natural and completely legal.

So the answer to the question is that Yes Crazy Bulk and the Crazy bulk supplements are all completely safe and legal.

The Crazybulks product range has plenty of good testimonials and I have also found a few good ones myself. After looking into this and then speaking to real human beings that have used it I’m convinced that it’s definitely worth looking into yourself if getting ripped/ is something that you have been wanted to achieve.

“In Short The Crazybulk Cutting Stack and Crazy bulk supplement range are among the very best on offer with the added benefit knowing that they are a safe and legal alternative to legal steroids”

Benefits of Using Crazy Bulk Legal Steroid Supplements

Let’s get started with some benefits from using Crazy bulk Bulking Stack:

  • Well the first and best benefit is that one day you’ll look like that guy ?
  • Now the first is that I really liked how the crazy bulk company disclose all of the ingredients in all of their bulking stacks, because a lot of other muscle building supplements and muscle growth supplements do not do this. They really like to ensure your health safety because when taking muscle growth pills this does play a serious factor.
  • They have a really good support team which a mass of people over look but does come in handy whenever you are in need of some crazy muscle gainer questions.
  • This is really the only company that creates supplement stacks that come extremely close to steroids but are not at all the same thing, no harmful ingredients that you would actually get with real steroids.
  • The shipping is completely free with all the best muscle building crazy bulk supplements which really doesn’t seem like much but with a large purchase could save you over 20$, and it is shipped strait to you so you can begin to see those crazy bulk results.
  • A Crazy 100% Money Back Guarantee, now I would say that the mass guys are quite cocky because of this because the results really are based on the persons workout intensity, but this just proves how confident they are in their best body bulking supplements stack.
  • Full List Ingredients, I said this before a lot of other muscle building pills do not share this stuff, they leave some harmful ingredients out, but not thee guys they just tell you what you are getting.
  • 100% all Natural Steroids, now this means that all of their crazy muscle growth pills come completely from natural mass resources, which means that it is all non harmful. Other muscle builder stack products that I have tried have given me some really good results, but they do come with some side effects, natural ingredients really prevent all of the bad side effects.
  • Now at this time they are giving people the chance to get 2 Supplement Stacks for the Price of 1, yeah I know its pretty cool so it would probably last you for a good 2 months and after that you’ll have some pretty insane results.

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Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids– Final Recommendations

So we have finally come to the end of this Crazy Bulk Legal Seroid Supplements review. I do hope that it has helped you in making an informed decision about using this Crazy Bulk supplements.

To finish off I thought I would give you my final recommendations on this product. As you know I have done extensive research and investigations into the quality of this product.

I have found after interviewing people that have actually used it and still do plus I also was able to talk to my own uncle and get his take on it and it was coming out quite obvious.

So after all the research I will be using this myself and I highly recommend anyone that is keen on looking better and feeling better then the entire Crazy Bulk supplement range gets a 5 stars from me.

I will be updating this website from time to time as the results keep happening as they have so far. But for those of you who have hit that point in their workouts where you were seeing some good results but then just hit that point where it just plateau then this might be a worth trying.

Now all the Crazy Bulk legal steroid supplements really the closest things that you’ll get to steroids without all the bad things that come along with it..  Yes they are actually calling these 100% Legal Stack Steroids.

I actually was playing in a football tournament and had to cross check the ingredients and they all came out legal and not at all harmful, quite surprisingly.

I also discovered that the Crazy Bulk company, the creators of all of the Crazy Bulk products are one of the few muscle building supplements companies that offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. They also offer FREE shipping and a buy 1 bulking stack and get the second bulking stack free offer at this time, but not for long.

I think if you went Benjamin Franklin style and did the research and wrote out all the pros and cons then you would see that the Crazy Bulk Stack is an obvious choice and I can almost say you would be crazy (mass) lol, trying anything else. But remember that your body is still your body and only deserves the best and as far I can see the Crazy Bulk supplements are the closest to that description.

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Now after creating this list a looked at it and it was pretty big, longer than I expected but I just laid it all out for you right there. And as you can see why Crazy Bulk does have the edge over some of the other muscle building stacks out there especially with the crazy bulk bulking stack on their side.

To conclude this badass Crazy Bulking Stack Review i am going to be giving you My Final Recommendations on what you should do.


Taking anabolic steroids will give us more effective, grander, and faster results if we accompany it with a proper diet plan and an efficient workout regime.

Who Am I?

As if today I can consider myself sort of an expert at reviewing specific products that I have tried, good, bad, great, and horrible. I have tried and reviewed them all, now as you can see I kind of just put it all out there , the real me and all of my real opinions that I hope can help you find the best products out there that can give you the solutions to your biggest problems.

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