BIOPERINE: Your Optimum BioEnhancer

what is bioperine

Your first thoughts on a Bioperine supplement would probably be why it is called a bio enhancer and you would also probably bet that it is just another drug supplement looking to market itself amongst other random medications in the pharmaceutical industry. But it is all different for this supplement.

Let’s first think of Bioperine as the selfless savior to other medications prescribed for you.

With the growth of the pharmaceutical industries, various medications are being churned out on a daily basis to help solve various health challenges worldwide but there has been “buts” to the use of these medications. These buts experienced includes:

  • The wastage of drugs by your body system when it abruptly eliminates drugs before their potency is absorbed by your body.
  • The resistance of your body to the medications, for example, antibiotics, resulting in prolonged treatment of a disease.
  • Increasing cost on medications, when the potency of certain drugs are not fully realized in the body as they ought to.
  • Increasing side effects to medications that have lasted too long in time.

These pains are what Bioperine helps save you from, giving you the time to concentrate on what matters most; your well being. Interestingly, it has been doing this for over 20 years.

Let’s get to know more about how this bio enhancer will work for you.

How does Bioperine work?

Bioperine helps you by providing the salient function of acting as a bio availability supplement that potentiates medications and food nutrients in your bloodstream making them available for more action.


Please note that this differs from being a bio efficacy supplement which increases the effectiveness of active substances in medications and foods.

Bioperine is primarily a trademark of the extract Piperine obtained from black pepper fruits and thus contains a high concentration of about 95% of the extract. It is co-administered with food nutrients or medications to increase the availability of the active substances contained in humans and animals because it is ineffective when administered as a single dosage with no active substance to enhance.

Therefore with these functions, it performs by reducing your dosage and cost of your medication, which enables your body’s tolerance and eliminates the high risk of your system developing resistance to your medications.

What’s more interesting is that besides the co-administration of Bioperine for diverse medications ranging from inflammations to cancer, it also works to increase the bio availability of vitamins (vitamin B6) and antioxidants (resveratrol, beta carotene), nutrients (irons, selenium) and active substances (curcumin and coenzyme 10 – Co10). It also works to increase the absorption of these nutrients by about 30% only.

Bioperine uses the following mechanisms to help your body:

  • It modulates your body’s efflux mechanism to enable bio availability of the active substances in your food or medication.
  • It modulates the metabolizing enzymes of your body using Glucuronidation to prevent wastage or drug elimination from your system.
  • It serves as a thermo nutrient that improves the absorption process of foods in your body using thermogenesis as a mechanism.

Benefits of Bioperine

Having gotten an understanding of how Bioperine goes to work on your body, here are some proven benefits it brings:

  • Enhanced nutrient adsorption

Bioperine ensures your body gets more out of other nutrients and medications than you consume. This supplement also helps individuals with health conditions that cause malabsorption of nutrients.

  • Enhanced metabolism

Bioperine improves your body metabolism by using thermogenesis to yield more energy via the cells. This would result in a regulated burn of fats/calories and thus, weight loss without much work.

  • Better body performance

Bioperine when co-administered, helps to reduce the rate of exercise-induced muscle damage faster after a heavy workout.

  • It helps to build a stronger immune system

Bioperine helps to modulate the oversensitivity of a malfunctioning immune system, by giving an anti-inflammatory effect contained in its active compound, thereby reducing the risk of autoimmune diseases

  • Mental health (Cognitive function)

Bioperine increases the levels of production of dopamine and serotonin when administered with curcumin, it helps individuals struggling with depression and anxiety, giving them that feel good feeling they desire.

  • Improves the blood sugar level and associated health problems

Bioperine when co-administered with curcuminoids, helps to enhance its anti-diabetic effect by increasing the level of adiponectin production, which regulates the blood glucose level. This results in a reduction in the toll of associated diabetic conditions on your body.

  • Cancer inhibiting potential

The Bioperine active compound has the ability to types of cancer by suppressing cancerous cell growths, metastasis, and inflammation when administered in combination with some herbal remedies, reducing the side effects associated with the remedies.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits it also helps in improving digestive health and helps reduce inflammation.

Side effects of Bioperine

A potential adverse effect of Bioperine active compound (piperine) is that it can enhance the absorption of medical drugs beyond the required level, and inhibit the metabolic activity of the liver. This varies for different individuals.

It is therefore important that it is co-administered simultaneously and your physician should be consulted on what your dosage should be because not taking direct dosage can present a side effect listed below.

  • Gastrointestinal effects


Stooling (black)




  • Respiratory effects


Anaphylaxis (breathing difficulty and throat closing)


  • Dermatological effects

Skin rash




Redness of skin

  • Mental effects



Sleep disorder

Increased temperament (anger)

Interactions of Bioperine with Other Substances

Certain drugs have severe to moderate interactions with Bioperine supplement. Therefore, your physician must be aware before any administration. They are:

  • Folic acid/Pyrimethamine/Hydantoins
  • Ascorbic acid/Deferoxamine/Bortezomib
  • Pyridoxine/Levodopa/Altretamine

Dosage of Bioperine

There is not an officially recommended dosage. Bioperine dosage recommended for each individual varies and should only be taken as prescribed by your physician.

Informally, the recommended dosage commonly seen is at about 5-10mg per serve on a daily basis. The effects of Bioperine supplement sets in about 15 minutes on a short term, and on the long term at about 2 hours.

The long-lasting effect can also occur in its activity with your body’s metabolism.

Cost of Bioperine

The cost of Bioperine supplement would depend on its amount in milligrams of the capsules and the amount of those capsules packaged together in a supply.

These factors should be considered before you make an order and we have got your back on this!

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