HCG Diet- Weight loss Plan Basics and Phases

By Alex Woodrow | Weight Loss

Apr 20
hcg diet for weight loss


Have you ever stared at some perfect body figures of models in magazines or televisions then suddenly felt that you want your body to be comparable with them? Or, have you ever been in a situation where you desperately want to lose weight but you just end up with a failed diet plan?

The fact that you are paying attention to this article obviously answers my question with a YES. Well, you’re just in the right track because we will help you all throughout the content of this article.

All you have to do is pay close attention to what you are about to read and take note of the explicit details about HCG Diet program that might help you in achieving your desired body figure.

Overview on HCG diet

hcg diet

You have probably tried to research about various diet plan and might even tried some but you failed so you had no choice but to look for other alternatives that may help you successfully gain your desired results.

Now that you’re in this page, I guess you are only a step away to your goal as we will disclose the most effective diet plan that our clients have proven.

Heard about HCG diet? We will give you a summary of how HCG diet works!

Choosing the effective and convenient HCG will lead you to two options– namely, the Homeopathic HCG and the Pharmaceutical HCG.

Now, all you have to do is to know more about these two! But don’t worry because we won’t leave you hanging there!

  • Homeopathic HCG

Homeopathic HCG lacks the essential HCG hormone which results to unsatisfied clients due to its ineffectiveness. This type of weight loss product can also be purchased easily through over-the-counter transactions which make it look more inefficient. Thus, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned homeopathic HCG in the health industry.

  • Pharmaceutical HCG

Pharmaceutical HCG, on the other hand, is quite the opposite of homeopathic HCG. It is unquestionably authentic and 100% legal! Aside from the fact that it is not sold over-the-counter, it also requires a prescription from a doctor or health experts before you can finally have it! Dr. Simeon used HCG injections in his research which only proves how reliable and effective this product is!

Learning the difference of homeopathic HCG and Pharmaceutical or medical HCG from the facts stated above, the decision whether which one to choose is now yours to carry on!

Let’s say you are still new to HCG diet, please take note of the five (5) basic points below:

  1. Loading Phase (First Phase)

In loading phase, you have to gain weight for two (2) days. You’ve read it right! While taking HCG, you have to consume high levels of fats and calories ON PURPOSE within 2 days! This may sound crazy but you have to take this fact!


Here are some satisfactory answers to your possible queries:

  • Take HCG Injections or Pellets or Drops

Make sure that you get the right dosage of HCG! Getting opinions from a medical expert will help you get your desired results while preventing unwanted outcomes. Anyway, HCG injections will be explained further as you continue reading this article.

  • Eat More than Usual for 2 days

Consume foods with high levels of fats as well as calories within two days while you are taking HCG. This may sound absurd but you will definitely benefit from this afterward.

  • Low Carb Intake is Optional

Eating low carbs food is suggested but not necessarily followed because you can still eat whatever you want while you’re in the Loading Phase.

  • Track Your Body Weight

Take note of your body weight every single day.

While you are in the first phase of HCG diet, you must also take care of your body. Do not push yourself beyond your limits to avoid negative results such as hurting your stomach or worse than that.

Find out more about Loading Phase

  1. Losing Weight (Second Phase)

Now, you will do the total opposite of what you did in the First Phase! If, during the loading phase, you intentionally consumed fatty foods and high level of calories for two days; in the second phase, you will work on losing your weight within 3-6 weeks.

In the loading phase, it is recommended that you consume fatty foods and high levels of calories, but in the second phase you will strictly be limited to only 500 or a little higher calorie intake everyday within three to six weeks.

So you have to be stubborn fighting your hunger whilst on this phase! This is the reason why second phase is also known as the very low calorie diet (VLCD).

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Here are some satisfactory answers to your possible queries:

  • Take Your HCG Every Morning

You must take HCG every morning with the right dosage for you. You have options in taking Prescription HCG – pellets or Drops or Shots.

  • If you prefer taking HCG pellets or HCG Drops, you will have to swallow it once a day. Depending on your own convenience, you may divide it by two so you can take it twice a day in different time which practically makes your consumption of it twice a day. However, the dosage is still the same, only the way of taking the pellets varies.
  • On the other hand, HCG shot is proven to work better than the HCG pellets and HCG drops. In HCG injections, you’re given a shot once a day which is normally done in the morning. For more details about HCG injections, you may learn it as you go on reading this article.

It is important to get the right dosage of HCG for you to be able to avoid the difficult part of this diet and that is fighting hunger. Once tempted by food and you break the rules of your diet, your efforts from the beginning might all come to waste.

  • Calorie-Count on HCG diet

Get a pen and a piece of paper to take note of this! If you are going to follow the pioneer of HCG diet, Dr. Simeon’s, then you must strictly follow his suggestion of 500-calorie intake a day or even lesser than that. On the contrary, we may refer to the trend in taking HCG these days which suggests 800 calories intake per day. You probably have not heard about this from weight loss experts nor have ever read about it from magazines concerning health and lifestyle, so we are letting you know now!

Refer below for Dr. Simeon’s Strict Diet Protocol


  • Shrimp, lobster, crab, white fish (make sure you don’t consume its skin) chicken breast, and 95% fat-free beef
  • For alternatives, you may have 1 egg plus three egg whites and/or cottage cheese (must be 100 grams fat-free)
  • Other alternative proteins include ground chicken – lean, low-fat canned salmon, egg beaters (200g), ahi tuna, ground bison, water-packed tuna, ham (97% fat-free), ground turkey (99% fat-free), and Greek yogurt (200g, fat-free)


  • Cabbage, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, radish. lettuce, spinach, celery, beet green, asparagus, fennel, chicory, and chard.
  • Other alternatives are cauliflower, carrots, green beans, broccoli, kale, bell pepper, mushrooms (button/shiitake), zucchini, yellow squash, and sprouts.



  • Take note of the suggested amount: 1 handful strawberries, 1 orange, 1apple, and ½ grapefruit
  • Other alternatives are ½ pear, ½ peach, ½ cup of blueberries, ½ cup of blackberries, ½ up to 1 cup of raspberries, cranberries (make sure it’s unsweetened and raw/frozen), 1 plum (small), and 2 medium apricots


  • 1 Melba Toast and 1 Grissini Stick but make sure that it doesn’t contain oil. Check the contents of Melba Toast carefully since it is commonly known for having olive oil.
  • Other alternatives for carbs or fiber may include wasa cracker, 2 pcs of stoned wheat thins, and ¼ gluten-free smart bun

Here’s a suggested diet plan based on Dr. Simeon’s Original HCG Diet Plan

  • At breakfast, take liquid – coffee or tea
  • At lunch, take protein that contains 100 grams, 1 vegetable, 1 fruit, and 1 grissini or melba toast
  • At dinner, repeat the latter

Please comply with the strict protocol of Dr. Simeon if you are under 500-calorie diet a day.

You can check the HCG Diet allowed food list here

  • Keep Track of Your Weight

You must record your weight once a day and do this every morning to see how your diet progresses. Seeing your diet’s progress by keeping record of your weight every morning will motivate you to persevere in sticking by the rules of your diet plan. However, you must not overdo weighing yourself because it may give you inconsistent result. Just do it once every morning.

  1. Transition Phase: Getting off HCG

Let’s take a quick recap of your HCG diet until transition stage! In the first phase, you will start by consuming higher levels of fats and calories than usual for two days while taking HCG; in the second phase, you will work on losing your weight for three to six weeks provided that you will follow a strict calorie-intake while you’re taking HCG; before you proceed to phase three, you will be in the transition stage wherein you will have to cut-off your HCG intake. The transition phase will lead you from the very low calorie diet of Phase Two to the stabilization stage of Phase Three of the HCG diet plan.

Here’s the actual flow of what I’m trying to say above:

Phase Two        Last Day of HCG Consumption          500-calorie diet w/o HCG (72 Hours)          Phase Three

Once you complete the second phase, you will be undergoing the transition stage. After your last intake of HCG during the second phase, you will cut-off your HCG intake and wait for 72 hours to completely exterminate it from your body. After 72 hours, you are ready to start with the third phase!

  1. Stabilizing Your Achieved Weight (Third Phase)

During this stage, you have to be very careful. You must stabilize your new weight by still consuming a low carb diet within three weeks. While stabilizing your achieved body weight, you have to retain your body weight or gain not more than two pounds; otherwise you will be directed to another form of diet which is known as steak day. In a steak day diet, you are not allowed to take anything within the day except water and a big steak with tomato or apple for your meal at dinner time in order to decrease your weight again.

  1. Maintaining Your Weight (Fourth / Last Phase)

This may sound a bit wary because foods are tempting especially our favorite ones. However, all you need is self-discipline during this phase as it will test how far you can hold on to your hard-earned diet and your desire to maintain the body weight that you have achieved. Apart from being cautious of the foods that you will eat, you must also add appropriate exercises to your daily routine. Maintaining your weight is important to prevent starting all over again.

What are some of the benefits of HCG weight loss?

  • Elevated testosterone levels and increase in metabolism
  • Re distribution of fat
  • No starvation
  • Decrease in cravings
  • Enjoy naturally induced energy
  • Stronger slimmer body


With all these experiences and benefits, Prescription HCG weight loss injections is a perfect opportunity to adopt a healthy life style and is also a smart alternative to other weight loss programs to feel instant improvement and in maintaining the weight.

So now it’s time to make that important decision, for yourself and others. You will discover a new life that has been waiting for you!

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