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By Alex Woodrow | Weight Loss

Apr 21

Are you looking for a guide on how to buy real HCG shots? Then you are on the right website.

This site is specifically dedicated on how to purchase real Pharmaceutical HCG shots.

There are various ways in which you can go about purchasing cheap HCG shots. The most popular way is to purchase your HCG injections online. This is the only was through which you can get affordable HCG shots.

Now that we said you to purchase online, it does not imply that you can purchase from any seller that appears online. Not all sellers are genuine and not all sellers are legally approved by the FDA.

Therefore, we have listed the best HCG sellers that sell HCG injections online for the cheapest possible price online.

Before we begin lets take a look on the buzz around HCG Diet.

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HCG intake has become a trend in the industry these days. This resulted to the overpowering desire of some people to grab this opportunity by duplicating these products and sell them at a very low price, over-the-counter HCG since many people would spend money on cheaper items.

This is purely gaining profit without thinking about the risks it may inflict the consumers.

HCG injections

People who are desperate to lose weight but have low budget to take on effective diet plan or credible HCG weight loss program would prefer these over-the-counter weight loss HCG products which was later on labeled as homeopathic.

Thus, FDA prohibited these Homeopathic HCG weight loss products which mean buying and selling these would be equivalent to breaking the law and may even result to criminal offense.

Unlike homeopathic HCG weight loss products, Prescription HCG injections intake requires prescription from doctors or medical experts to ensure the safety of the clients.

This is the main reason why HCG injections are still up to date while homeopathic HCG weight loss products are forced to vanish from the health industry!

Why Choose HCG Injections Over Homeopathic HCG drops ?

Food and Drug Administration released a statement dated last December 6, 2011 to warn the manufacturers, sellers, and all people involved that homeopathic HCG must be prohibited in the market. 

The statement mentioned that U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) work hand-in-hand to totally remove the said product.

According to the letter released by the FDA, with its collaboration with Federal Trade Commission (FTC), they sent individual warning letters to seven companies involved in selling over-the-counter weight loss products known as homeopathic.

On the other hands HCG injections are safe and proven by many users to be effective in addressing various health issues.

However, you have to take note of the possible results it may cause your body since people vary from one to another and so with the individual reactions upon taking HCG shots.

Buy Nu Image Medical HCG Injections

Below are some of the important things that you have to consider before engaging with HCG injections!

Review your medical record

In case you have asthma, migraines, allergies, kidney problems, heart issues, ovarian cyst, seizures, or even in an early puberty, make sure that you inform your doctor about it so he/she can give you the right dosage of HCG weight loss shots, or worse, may even warn you for your own safety.

Although there are many positive reviews and successful results from HCG Injection users, there are still some people who doubt the efficacy and safety of this product.

We can’t blame those people especially if they engage in over-the-counter transactions of HCG. As a matter of fact, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned these over-the-counter HCG weight loss products – labeled as Homeopathic, to ensure the safety of the users.

How Does HCG Injections Work

When the hormone is induced in the body, it turns into a condition similar to that of a pregnant woman. Immediate energy production becomes essential.

But, the calorie consumption is restricted to 500 per day. In such circumstances, the only option left is to decompose the fat bank.

The hypothalamus becomes active to metabolize the localized fats to produce the additional energy. Thus inches are lost from the flabby areas without disrupting the natural balance.

For a clear explanation on How does HCG Shots work Go here

How HCG Diet Shots can help you:

  • To eliminate the actual continuous sensation associated with food cravings
  • To eliminate unattractive fats within the trouble spots
  • To eliminate fatty tissue
  • To improve your own metabolic process
  • To boost your time
  • To remain trim for that relaxation in your life

Where to Purchase Reliable HCG Injections?

This is probably the thing running through your mind right now!

You can find different HCG injections from various manufacturers and sellers but the most important thing to note is whether your chosen brand is worth a try or not!

Well, we have a few suggestions for you!

We can name several brands to give you choices but to save your time and energy, we will just give you the place where you can purchase the most effective and convenient HCG injections.

The best option to buy HCG injections online is Nu image medical. They are not cheap but their extra features make them cheap.

Lets consider that you are looking to get some advice of your HCG diet doctor and you visit his clinic. The doctor states that you need to visit him for the next few days to get HCG shots.

If you calculate the cost over here then it will come around $3k.

How about you get medical counselling and HCG shots at just $300?

Yes, you heard it right.

The Nu image medical team has US approved doctors and depending upon your package you can get email or phone support. And all this comes at just $300 for a month’s supply.

Nu Image Medical is the best that we can suggest. You can order HCG Weight loss program package for men or women from them without worrying about its credibility!

Nu Image Medical will not leave you hanging once you take HCG injections from them because they will guide you all throughout your HCG diet weight loss program experience!

A Short Review on Nu Image Medical and Their Prescription HCG 

Nu Image Medical has created a prosperous name in the health industry. They started in the year 2004 and their legacy continues to grace the health industry until today.

The goal of Nu Image Medical is to provide their patients not only with credible and authentic products and services such as HCG injections but also with convenience through the newest way of doctor-patient interaction known as telemedicine.

Through the use of telecommunications and the advanced information technologies (IT), clients can have an easy access to their doctor or to the medical staff whenever they have queries regarding their HCG diet injections.

What do they Offer

  • $225-259 which is good for up to four-week HCG kit or $340-399 good for six-to-eight-week HCG kit
  • ALL IN ONE KIT which is packaged with a prescription and everything needed for the diet such as HCG, mixing solution and syringe, and needles for everyday shot.
  • Real Pharmaceutical HCG

Both programs have the same package inclusion:

  • Physician tele consultation
  • HCG product from a licensed U.S. pharmacy
  • Recipes
  • Tips and
  • Guidelines for HCG diet.

The only difference is that, the 26-Day Program will make you lose up to 15 lbs while 46-Day Program will give you the chance to lose more than 15 lbs.

HCG injections are proven to be the most effective type of taking HCG compared to others. You are rest assured that HCG Diet program offered by Nu Image Medical contains definitely natural hormones!

HCG injections bring too many benefits to your body including the replacement of lean muscle with the support of low calorie diet.

Find Out More About Nu Image Medical 

How to mix HCG Shot

How Do I Take hCG Weight loss shots? Is It Very Difficult?

No, not really. Make sure that you change the areas of injection regularly though, and avoid areas that feel tender or painful.

The procedure is simple. 7 Steps!

hcg injection

  • Place all the injection package supplies on a clean, dry table. Then thoroughly wash your hands and the area you’re gonna inject – dry the area as well, and wipe it with an alcohol pad intensely. Remove the top of your vial (or, in case of multi-use ones, clean the top with an alcohol prep pad) and remove the needle cap.

  • Pull back the plunger and ensure there almost no air in the chamber. Inject the needle into the rubber top, turn the vial up down, push the air in, and then pull the plunger back. Make sure you have inserted the right amount of liquid in the syringe.

  • Ensure that your syringe has no air and keep the needle away from any non-sterile surface.

  • Pinch some loose skin on the target area with one hand and very carefully put the syringe into the pinched skin at a 90 or 45-degree angle.. Pull back the plunger very softly and inspect for any signs of blood. If you find any, then remove the needle immediately and throw it away, it is possible that the needle has touched a vein.
  • Replace the needle with a new, sterilized one. Make the same test and, once you have found a safe area, inject slowly until the entirety of liquid is injected.
  • Remove the needle, put the cap back one, and throw into a waste container.
  • Wait until the injected area is fully dry and normal, and then put a band aid on.

Additional Notes – Mixing – Dosage

If you carefully followed our instructions, you shouldn’t worry if you feel the injected area to be a bit tender; apply an ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes, and a sterile gauze in case of any oozing.

Mixing Instructions:

The vial must be refrigerated, once reconstituted. Slowly inject 5ml of Bacteriostatic Water into the vial of HCG (dry powder).

Dosage Instructions:

After following Mixing Instructions (dilution), fill small insulin syringe to the 17 mark (0.17ml), two notches above the 15 or 3 below the 20. Οne dose daily.

Please read all instructions carefully, and make the best out of your dosage by taking it the same time every day in order for your hCG levels to remain the same – best possible time is in the morning.


Conclusion and Recommendations

In this generation, most people work hard to fit in the society and to comply with what the society dictates as the common good. One practical example is our image.

It is only right to want to look good by taking care of your physical figure to boost your self-esteem. Reality check, wanting to look good is way different from working to lose weight.

This is the main reason why so many diet plans and weight loss programs flocked the industry. Luckily, Nu Image Medical rose to prestige and offered the most effective and convenient HCG injections.

Therefore, don’t waste any more time looking for the right weight loss product because Nu Image Medical’s HCG injections have been proven to be effective and convenient by the happy and satisfied clients for more than a decade now!


  • Maintaining your diet regime strictly is mandatory for getting positive results.
  • You should follow the phases properly for getting positive results.
  • Proper understanding of Simeons’ Diet is important for taking the right food during the weight loss program.


It’s not recommended in order to merely stay with a minimal calorie diet plan without having HCG Shots. The explanation for is actually which with no HCG diet Injections, your body won’t ever choose to make use of it’s irregular set aside body fat.

Using a reduced calorie diet plan might certainly get rid of first of all, the standard body fat (or even quite simply, the actual body fat through meals simply broken down following consuming) as well as 2nd, the actual structural body fat.

Nevertheless, the actual “reserved” body fat can’t be utilized because of the body’s protection system. Therefore, you will see absolutely no real weight reduction whenever just reduced calorie diet plan can be used.

If you are newbie or are looking for medical support then we strongly suggest that you get the heal of Nu image medical.

HCG Injection FAQ’s

A Few Words About hCG – What Do You Need To Know?

HCG initials stand for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone normally found in both men and women in small amounts – and in especially high amounts in pregnant women.

 How Will hCG Work For You?

 hCG can release stored fat into the bloodstream, which is then used to provide energy and decrease appetite. This process prevents the breakdown of fats that are essential in normal healthy people such as intramuscular fat, fat around vital organs and around vessels. This is especially important in a very low-calorie diet because the body will break down fat regardless of its location.

Don’t forget that you should always consult with your physician prior to beginning any diet and taking any supplement. Do keep in mind that homeopathic forms of hCG, such as HCG drops, are not regulated and have been rejected by the FDA for any use.

What’s The Secret Of hCG Injections? Why Not Go Into A 500-Cal Deficit Instead?

  • Low-Cal Diet Can’t Tell Good & Bad Fats Apart

Such a low deficit will tell your body that it’s starving – this will lead to both fat and muscle loss. Plus, vital fats like the aforementioned will be mobilized which will lead to potential risks for vital organs. HCH on the other hand is considered to kick in the butt only the deeply-stored fat in your body.

  • Diet Can Also Cause Muscle Loss

Studies have shown that dieting people who take hCG tend to lose way less muscle than those who don’t. A recent one measured this difference as 3 pounds: all participants lost 15 pounds, however, those taking hCG lost 2 pounds of muscle, whereas those who weren’t lost 5.

DISCLAIMER: HCG has been approved by the FDA for treatment of other conditions. Therefore, we do not guarantee any specific weight loss result. Information provided on this site is based on analysis of scientific studies, historical research, and results from  other HCG patients.

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