How Does HCG Injections for Weight loss Work- Scientific Explanation

How HCG Injections work ?

Leptin is a hormone created withing fat cells. This hormone is responsible for signalling the brain when it is time to burn fat.

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Produced in Fat Cells

Leptin is produced within the fat cells, and is responsible for triggering fat loss when it gets to the brain.

More Fat = More Leptin

The amount of Leptin that is produced in fat cells is based on how fat a person is, and how many calories they eat..

Hypothalamus Burns Fat

The more Leptin that is sent back to the brain, the stronger the signal for fat burning at the hypothalamus

Signal Not Recieved

Although leptin is signalling the hypothalamus to burn fat, the message isn’t being received. Due to toxins and overeating, the Hypothalamus actually becomes desensitized to the signal.

More Fat = More Leptin

Fat cells will actually over-produce Leptin and cause a desensitization to the hormone at the Hypothalamus.

No Fat Burning Signal

When this happens, the body is unaware of additional fat stores, and allows the body to keep gaining weight.

Fats Locked Away

The body locks these fats away in a fat deposit box, and the key is lost.

HCG Shots are the Key

Dr. Simeons realized that by administering HCG shots to his patients, coupled with a low calorie diet, his patients would lost weight rapidly without the common side effects of restrictive dieting.

HCG Increases Leptin Sensitivity

Dr. Simeons realized that the HCG Injections were causing the hypothalamus to recognize excess fats again. This was because HCG actually increases the sensitivity to Leptin.

The Body Burns Fat

The body recognizes the abnormal fats that are stored away on the body, and begins burning fat at an accelerated pace. Most patients can expect to lose between 1/2 – 3/4 of a pound each day on the diet.

Does HCG Work?

HCG has been used for years by numerous individuals to lose weight at an accelerated pace. Not only do the results speak for themselves, but research has proven that HCG has a profound effect on weight loss, and lean body mass.

HCG Shots Increase Hormone Sensitivity

HCG has been shown to increase the sensitivity to important fat loss hormones.

Decreases Hunger

Individuals who are overweight are highly likely to have reduced hunger while taking HCG Injections.

Increased Fat Metabolism

The overall effect of HCG, is to optimize the body to burn fat, rather than lean body mass.

**Please note that the homeopathic forms of HCG, such as HCG drops, are not regulated and have been rejected by the FDA for any use. 

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