Nexus Pheromones Review : #1 Rated Male Sex Pheromone

By Alex Woodrow | Male Enhancement

Jun 23

Can Pheromones Really Get Women? Our Nexus Pheromones Review Has the Answer!

Nexus Pheromones – Our #1 Rated Male Sex Pheromone

Nexus Pheromones

Learn Why We Rate Nexus Pheromones As Your #1 Tool to Seduce Women!

Nexus Pheromones Review


  • Spray-On Sexual Fragrance
  • Gives Off ‘Attraction’ Pheromones
  • Attracts Women
  • Makes Girls Open To Your Advances
  • Develop More Chemistry
  • Get Laid More (!)

Value: Excellent


Let’s just come out and say it: you want to get laid more, agreed?

Here’s the quick answer to what you need to know about Nexus Pheromones: it can definitely help with that, thanks to a potent cocktail of male sex pheromones the manufacturer says bypass the ‘logical’ side of the female brain and go straight to her ‘mating’ center.

Having tested Nexus Pheromones extensively, we believe it. And we think it’s an excellent value and investment for guys who want to slant the odds decidedly toward their bedroom.

Nexus Pheromones is the top male sex pheromone based on our research, which looks at formula, value, reputation and results. Nexus Pheromones brings all of them, and should be considered by most guys who want to improve their success with the ladies.

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Nexus Pheromones – Our In-Depth Analysis

You want more sex. We get that – so let’s get right to the point. Our Nexus Pheromones review covers the following criteria:

  • How Nexus Pheromones Works
  • The Nexus Pheromones Formula
  • What Results You Can Expect
  • Safety & Potential Side Effects
  • Guarantee
  • Where to Buy Nexus Pheromones

How Nexus Pheromones Work:

You’ve likely heard of pheromones. They’re chemicals that organisms emit to announce their presence to others around them.

Any guesses what male sex pheromones do?

The laymen’s explanation is that Nexus Pheromones triggers her mating response with 7 chemicals linked to Alpha Males. Think a cologne that tells her you’re ‘tall, dark and handsome’.

We were skeptical, but having used it, and seen it in the field, there’s something here. Guys who use Nexus Pheromones report more and better interactions with women, more receptiveness from the fairer sex and – wait for it – they’re hitting the sack more often.

Is that because of Nexus Pheromones? There’s enough attraction potential in this formula for us to say yes.

Nexus Pheromones Ingredients:

The Nexus Pheromones formula is 7 human sex pheromones. You emit these pheromones naturally, primarily from your arm pits and genitals. And they’re picked up by women around you (or, more specifically, by their olfactory systems, which is their sense of smell).

Ever seen those studies of women asked to smell worn men’s t shirts to find a guy they think is attractive? Bingo.

Nexus Pheromones stacks those odds in your favor, so you’re the guy she chooses. It’s all thanks to 7 pheromones linked to ‘alpha males’ that tell her you’re a dude she wants to get with.

Nexus Pheromones Has the Following Human Sex Hormones:

  • Androstenone
  • Alpha-Androstenol
  • Androsterone
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Beta-Androstenol
  • Androstenedrione
  • Androstanone

That’s a lot of ‘Andros’ So what do they mean exactly?

Androstenone – This signals dominance among other guys

Alpha-Androstenol – Makes feelings of relaxation, comfort and attraction

Androsterone – Linked to masculinity, virility and can lift a woman’s mood

Epiandrosterone – Associated with youthful males

Beta-Androstenol – Helps create feelings of friendship and relaxation with women

Androstedienone – A ‘Love’ pheromones that creates feelings of comfort, caring and intimacy

Androstanone – An ‘Aggression’ pheromones that tells other dudes to back off


Nexus Pheromones Safety & Side Effects:

We’ve tested Nexus Pheromones thoroughly and had no problems. We haven’t heard of any side effects with Nexus Pheromones other than a lot more confidence with women.

The company that makes Nexus Pheromones has a good reputation and makes the product at an FDA-registered and cGMP compliant facility in the United States. These are all good signs – and a reason to opt for Nexus Pheromones rather than an attraction spray made abroad, which may contain potentially dangerous toxins.

Buy a pheromones cologne made in the United States to avoid that – another reason we prefer Nexus Pheromones.

Nexus Pheromones Results:

In our findings, the biggest benefit of Nexus Pheromones is how it boosts your confidence. It takes balls to approach women cold-turkey. Just having Nexus with you is reassurance you’ve got a little biology on your side.

Knowing you smell like an alpha male can do wonders for your confidence, and just as importantly, your success with women. The results you can expect with Nexus Pheromones include:

  • More Sexual Confidence
  • Many More Interactions With Women
  • Women Approaching YOU
  • Going FURTHER in Said Interactions
  • Better Chemistry With Girls
  • More Sex
  • ‘Spray-On’ Attraction

Perhaps the greatest result we experienced with Nexus Pheromones was that it put strong DNA on our side. You’ve heard it said ‘Life Will Find a Way’. Well, we’re not all 6’4” Olympic Powerlifters with 6 pack abs and visible cheekbones. Some of us do, but many don’t, and need a little boost to our confidence and what we bring to our interactions with women.

We think Nexus Pheromones is that boost.

Where to Buy Nexus Pheromones:

We recommend you buy Nexus Pheromones direct from the manufacturer. That eliminates the chance you’ll buy a counterfeit product. Sadly, that is an issue in this day and age. Buy Nexus Pheromones from its official stores and you’ll be fine:

Nexus Pheromones Official Website

Leading Edge Health Official Website

Natural Health Source Official Website

Guarantee: 67 Days


Yup, Nexus Pheromones is a keeper. It’s a combination of ‘alluring’ formula, great value, a company that stands behind it and the results Nexus Pheromones brings to guys who spray it on.

Do that. Do that each time and/or before you head out to try your luck with women, be it school, a bar, a bookstore, the street – anywhere you’d like to tell the Universe you’re looking for love.

Nexus Pheromones is our top-rated male sex pheromone. You spray it on, you get noticed. Get a little more proactive and things shift to your bedroom.

Our research and personal testing suggest that happens a lot with Nexus Pheromones: the best pheromones supplement on the market in our opinion. Want to meet women (and make it work)? Your next step is to head to Nexus Pheromones official website and try it yourself.

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