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By Alex Woodrow | Weight Loss

Apr 20

Credibility of Nu Image Medical


Nu Image Medical specializes in the Medical HCG Diet, Therapy for Hormone Replacement and other related fields such as anti-aging programs and the likes.

Nu Image Medical started its operation way back 2004. Do you want to know the best part of their operations?

They don’t only accommodate on-site clients but also through Telemedicine or Telehealth. This might be the first time you’ve heard these terms or you’ve probably learned it somewhere but we will still explain it for the benefit of the doubt.


What is Tele medicine

Tele medicine is done with the help of telecommunications and IT (information technologies). Living in a world where technologies are rampantly used, it is only right to utilize it to our advantage.

Through telemedicine or teleheatlh, patients have been given unlimited access to a healthy lifestyle. Doctors and other medical experts can reach their patients through virtual communication and may reach their clients through video conference with the help of the advanced technologies.

This only shows how convenient this method used by Nu Image Medical to provide equitable access to their clients or patients beyond their reach!

What does the Company Claim

Nu Image Medical operates by their company’s mission. According to their stated mission, they aim to provide high quality of medical assistance to their patients.

It is also part of their mission to give their clients a convenient access on their health care services. Nu Image Medical also aims to provide effective products and services to ensure the good health of their patients and clients.

Nu Image Medical is very transparent with their products and services as well as their medical staffs and this certainly gives assurance to the clients.

A great proof of the credibility of Nu Image Medical is the fact that they have been operating for more than 15 years in the industry now! Nu Image Medical continues to build a legacy in this fast-changing world!

The physicians are world link medicalA4M certified and has been in the field for 14 years and reviews all medical information submitted on their website.

They offer secure online medical consultation, as well as telephone consultation, so that your every question or concern is addressed.

NuImage Medical Benefits

  • Includes a 26+ Day Supply of HCG Shots
  • Prescription for HCG Injections is Included in the Price
  • All the supplies necessary for Mixing and Injecting HCG
  • All Necessary Supplies Are Included
  • Coaching and Medical Support is Available
  • Great for Individuals Who Need to be Walked Through The Program!


What else can Nu Image Medical Offer?

Aside from providing high quality services such as medical assistance and other related healthcare issues, Nu Image Medical also provides convenient, safe, and reliable products concerning people’s health.

One of these products that they can proudly offer to their clients and patients is the Prescription HCG!

Nu Image Prescription HCG weight loss program start with an initial consultation with a company representative who can answer many questions and help you craft a custom weight loss program that will be most effective at helping you achieve your goals.

Programs they Offer

Nu Image Medical gives their clients with convenient options to cater individual needs. As a client, you will be the one to choose the length of your HCG Diet Weightloss Program but you can also ask an expert for his/her opinion.

You may choose the 26-Day Program that costs $297.00 or the 46-Day Program that costs $397.00.

  • 26-Day Program

In 26-day program, you will lose up to 15 lbs of your weight. You will have the chance to experience the newest and advanced way of patient-and-doctor communication which is known as physician teleconsultation.

You are rest assured that the HCG product is from a licensed pharmacy in the U.S. This also includes guidelines for HCG diet, recipes, and tips!

Lastly, you have no restraint to contact the medical staff to ask anything concerning your HCG Weightloss program. The medical staffs are just a phone call away!

  • 46-Day Program

In 46-Day Program, you have the same benefits with the previously mentioned program only that you are capable of losing MORE THAN 15 lbs if you choose this one!

What next ?

After selecting your program, you must choose next your HCG Diet Program Type.

Will you prefer oral drops, oral pellets, or injections?

HCG Oral Drops

If you prefer oral drops, you will be given a package including 8,000 IU HCG together with all the necessary supplies and oral syringes.

Know more about Nu Image HCG Drops

HCG Pellets


If you choose oral pellets, your package will include 10,000 IU HCG.

Know more about HCG Pellets

HCG Injections

Lastly, if you resort to injections, your package will include 5,000 IU HCG as well as all the necessary supplies.

Know more about HCG Injections

As you can observe, oral pellet has the largest dosage among the three mentioned HCG products while HCG injection has the least. Based on the reviews, HCG injection works better than the other forms of HCG diet.

Nu image medical pharmacy follow USP 797 guidelines and further test batches of sterile injectables for potency, purity, endotoxins and sterility.

In addition, pharmacy products go through a Rapid Scan RDI, which allows them to clear microbiology in an average of an hour and a half. This includes all strains of bacteria, mold and fungus tests.

You can have the confidence that we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care.

HCG Mixing

Mixing HCG injections or HCG drops plays a vital role. It is advisable to follow a strict guideline for obtaining maximum benefits.

To give you an overview, here is a step by step guide provided by Nu Image Medical:

  • Step 1: With the help of a large mixing syringe, extract the mixing solution (5ml) and inject into the HCG vial’s side. Do not inject it above the powder directly.
  • Step 2: To mix the solution, just swirl it gently. Avoid shaking it.
  • Step 3: After mixing, put it in the fridge.
  • Step 4: Once ready, use a small insulin syringe to pull 0.20 ml and release it in the fatty belly tissue (three inches in any side of your button). Do this every day.

For more queries and additional information, please contact Nu Image Medical. They can absolutely provide more detailed information for you! Or Click Here for more detailed HCG Mixing Instructions.

Choose 26 days ProgramChoose 46 days Program

Ordering Rules

Ordering Prescription HCG requires a health review and prescription by nuimage medical doctor. When ordering HCG you will be required to complete a health questionnaire.

Once your medical information has been processed and approved by the company’s doctor, your credit card will be charged, and the order will be processed.

In the event that you are not approved, you will be notified by phone or email and your credit card will not be charged.

Recommended Add-Ons

Expert doctors of Nu Image Medical recommend the following add-ons!

Phase 3 Ultra Burn Injections

  • Costs $167.00
  • Contains ingredients that prompts fat removal within the liver and averts the extra fats that build up in certain parts of the internal organ.

IncludePhase 3 Ultra Burn Injections in my kit

Phase 3 Ultra Burn Capsules

  • Costs $197.00
  • Contains the same ingredients and works the same as Phase3 ultra burn injections. The main difference is their form and the way of taking them.

Include Phase 3 Ultra burn capsules in my kit

HCG Diet Supplement Bundle

  • Costs $97.00
  • This EXTRAORDINARY BUNDLE includes Stress Stop (Adrenal Tea Complex Formula), VitaBoost XL (Multi-Vitamin supplement), Digestive Cleanse, and Calcium Pyruvate 1500mg.

Include HCG Diet supplement bundle in my kit

Biotin 10K

  • Cost $29.00
  • Addresses hair thinning or hair loss caused by hormonal problems. This supplement promotes a healthy and thicker hair.

Include Biotin 10K in my kit

Calcium Pyruvate

  • Costs $29.00
  • This helps increase the function of your metabolism as well as burning your body’s extra fats and calories.

Include Calcium Pyruvate in my kit


  • Costs $29.00
  • Some of the benefits brought by this product include cleansing the digestive area, reduces your waistline, and relieves bloating.

Include Digesti-Cleanse in my kit


  • Costs $29.00
  • This product increases the level of human growth hormone as it stimulates muscle growth, promotes sleep, and removes fats.

Include Dreamspa in my kit


  • Costs $29.00
  • The main function of this product is to lessen your appetite. Thus, you are worry-free with your strict calorie-intake!

Include Jetfuel in my kit

Stress Stop

  • Costs $29.00
  • There are few benefits that this product can offer but the most promising is its ability to help you handle stress.

Include Stress Stop in my kit

Vitaboost XL

  • Costs $29.00
  • This product supplies enough nutrients to the essential body organs as well as to the body tissues and cells. It also helps in giving you sufficient energy while you are on a low-calorie diet.

Include Vitaboost XL in my kit

H20 Away

  • Costs $29.00
  • This product stimulates urine production and removes toxins in the body. This is highly recommended to clients who aim to detoxify their body while they’re on their HCG diet.

Include H2o Away in my kit

Dexplosion (D-310,000IU)

  • Costs $29.00
  • This product supports the production of vitamin D in our body. Obviously, this is highly recommended to clients who suffer from vitamin D deficiency or those who want to address obesity. However, please take note that this is NOT advisable to clients who are on HCG diet program.

Include Dexplosion in my kit

HCG Diet Protein Shakes

  • Costs $4.97
  • This product helps in achieving your maximum protein as well as your impeccable caloric consumption every day.

Include HCG Diet protein shakes in my kit

Writer’s Conclusion and Recommendations

Links about HCG diet and the likes must be flooding the internet. You may be encouraged to try all-talks but no-actual-results websites even if you aren’t sure of the effectiveness of their offered products and services.

So, to save your money and energy, I suggest that you consider the products and services offered by Nu Image Medical.

You can do a few clicks to know more about their reputation in the industry and then decide for yourself.

I wish you all the best in achieving your desired body figure!



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