Oyster Extract: Your Whole Nutrient Supplement

The search for a health supplement among thousands of identicals, that could give you the needed nutrients your body system requires for growth and wellness is real. You’re not alone on this one.

Most others have settled for obtaining these nutrients by purchasing separate supplements that they believe contains each nutritional value their body needs.

The three main negative sides to this decision are that; the cost of maintaining healthy nutrition through supplements skyrockets, a combination of all these different supplements with a special nutritional content causes an imbalance in the body and there is a waste of almost half their life in constant search of the next supplement.

The oyster extract helps you avoid all these negatives by easing the augmentation of your nutritional needs, saving you cost with its all-in-one value supplement. It stands as one of the few supplements in the market that contains the variety of quality micro nutrients you will need.

But why will oyster extract supplement work for you? Let’s get on that.

Why is Oyster extract the ideal supplement?

Before you get the benefits of oyster extract, you should know of the awesome powers of the oyster.

Firstly, the oyster extract referred to here is the meat content of an oyster and not its shell. It is cleaned up (depurated) and processed after harvesting into forms as powder, tablets, and capsules.

Oyster provides the highest zinc content next to red meat, giving the nutrients to you in a form easily absorbed by your body.

Given its high zinc content, this supplement is ideal for you should you fall within the group of individuals at risk of being zinc deficient. They include:

  • Vegetarians (due to their reduced exposure to zinc food sources)
  • High alcohol-consuming individuals (due to the high amount of zinc excreted by their kidney)
  • Bodybuilders (they release a high amount of zinc through perspiration and have a high demand for zinc in their regimen)
  • The elderly (they have a reduced ability to absorb zinc)
  • Sexually active male (men lose high amounts of zinc contained in sperms per ejaculation and this needs to be replaced ).

Additionally, Oyster contains potent nutrients (proteins, omega-3, and 6 fatty acids, iron, selenium, and calcium) and antioxidants, hence the name “whole nutrient supplement”. Oyster contains twelve (12) vitamins, nineteen (19) amino acids including taurine, fifty-nine (59) trace elements and essential fats and oil.

From this singular provision of oyster, it helps improve the sexual functioning, cardio health, boost the immune system, improve eyesight, provide anti-aging effects and much more.

What’s more interesting is that it saves you the stress of having to eat a complete oyster (if you find it uncomfortable) and save cost on it, while obtaining the necessary nutrition you need.

How does Oyster extract work?

Here’s how oyster does the magic. It contains a bioactive compound that can affect the antioxidant capacity of your blood. This bioactive compound increases the production of Glutathione, which in turn acts as a major antioxidant, protecting your body cells from oxidative stress.

With the increased production of glutathione, oxidative damage which causes fatigue, breached immunity, premature aging, and poor sexual health is reduced drastically by ninety percent.

Benefits of Oyster extract

  • Energy boost: By oyster extract serving as a glutathione supplement, it indirectly helps reduce the higher than normal level of oxidative stress which causes fatigue in individuals of certain lifestyles. These individuals are most times stressed-out workers, athletes and people exposed to environmental stress such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and tedious exercise routines.
  • Improves sexual functioning: Oyster extract provides your body with the needed zinc and vitamin D content to boost the production of the sexual hormone, testosterone. Women produce testosterone at a much lesser rate. By the improved production of zinc, oyster heightens your sexual performance and can also prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

The oyster extract also helps prevent prostate swelling, low sperm counts, and poor sperm quality. With aging the production level of these hormone decreases, therefore having oyster extract supplementation will be necessary at that stage of life.

  • Boosts immunity: Oyster extract helps boost your body’s immune system by providing vitamin C and the antioxidant effect which helps protect the body cells against illness. This is the effect of oyster extract antioxidant property. Zinc produced by oyster extract helps your body produce more immune cells while fighting off foreign invaders.
  • Helps pregnancy: Oyster extract supplement helps you as an expecting or lactating mother meet the increasing RDA for your nutritional needs. It provides the micronutrients necessary for healthy growth, providing the amount of zinc content needed to prevent low birth weight and premature delivery.

It also boosts your energy during pregnancy, eliminating the fatigue and early sleepless nights.

  • Improves cardiovascular health: Oyster extract has the potential to improve your lipid metabolism and reduce increasing blood pressure levels.
  • Anti-aging effect: It prevents premature aging by preventing oxidative stress and helping in the increased production of collagen and keratin for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Side effects of Oyster extract

Because oyster is seafood, it is bond to induce allergic reactions if you are allergic to seafood. This occurs due to tropomyosin.

There are no significant side effects to the consumption of oyster extracts, except when you take it without informing your physician who is aware of any health issue you might have.

Oyster extract dosage

This depends on the form in which the oyster extract is being consumed.

The recommended dosage for powdered oyster extract is about 500 milligrams taken up to three times within 24 hours. This is about ¼ teaspoon per administration.

For capsules, the recommended dosage is about four capsules before breakfast each morning with a glass of water. If you are suggested a different dosage by your physician, that should just be the best for you.

I should also add that the intake of oyster supplement should not be a substitute for having a balanced diet.

Cost of Oyster extract

The cost of Oyster would depend on the form of the extract (powder, capsule, tablet). If in capsules or tablets, the amount in milligrams of the capsules and the number packaged together in supply is the determining factor.

These factors should be considered before you make an order and we have got your back on this!