Phallosan Forte Review– Clinically Proven Penis Stretching Device

By Alex Woodrow | Male Enhancement

Mar 14

They Say Size Doesn’t Matter; Phallosan Forte Strongly Disagrees!

Phallosan Forte Review

There are literally hundreds of male enhancement products out there, in various forms, which are claiming various results; pills and generic penis extenders being at the top of the list. And there’s a good reason why.

Not all men are born with equal “qualifications”. And there’s no point in hiding how that can mess with your brain, your self-esteem, and, inevitably, with your relationships.

Because, no matter how much confidence you have, and how much of a charming, witty, and sexy person you are, when things finally go into the bedroom, you will feel self-conscious if you don’t feel like your package can cut it and impress your woman.

Hence, the medical world has taken this problem under consideration and, for the past two decades, numerous products have flooded the market. Products that promise to, simply put, make you bigger, longer, and thus, a more powerful lover.

However, there are catches. When it comes to pills, for example, there is no actual, tangible proof, empirical or scientific, that they can do anything to actually help your family grow.

Penis extenders, on the other hand, can offer you some plausible results – but they do come with their own luggage.

  • They are extremely uncomfortable to wear, can cause pain and discomfort, and you have to wear them for at least 4-5 hours per day in order for them to work.
  • The main focus of 80% of penis extending equipment focus on your shaft, and do nothing to actually enlarge the head of your penis – hence the pain and discomfort, since they are mostly based on a stretch-it-till-it-grows premise.

So, that leaves us with a handful of choices – and Phallosan Forte is arguably one of the best ones you can make. And we will discuss later and in detail why that is!

Note: We highly recommend the Quick Extender Pro over the Phallosan system as the ultimate penis extender today.

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First Things First – What’s In The Package?

Let me start by saying that I thoroughly appreciated the fact that the box in which my Phallosan Forte came in did not scream “HEY! This guy wants to enlarge his dick, everybody!” – in other words, it was a very discreet package.

I was a bit taken aback by seeing so many larger and smaller accessories; it filled me with a little anxiety on what goes where. However, the package also included a DVD and a user’s manual, hence I thought I’d figure it out. It also featured a very handy measuring gauge – you’ll see what I mean right away. On to the goodies. The Phallosan Forte box includes:

  • Sleeve Condom – A hypoallergenic condom made of silicone. There are three sizes (S-M-L) and several thicknesses available.
  • Suction Bells – This is where the magic happens. Three different bell sizes again (S-M-L) and you choose your own based on the results of the measuring gauge that’s also included in the box.
  • Protection Cap – Simply put, this very elastic cap keeps your valuables safe from being squeezed too hard, and it also allows for customization.
  • Elastic Belt – This orthopedic, stretching belt is used to treat Peyronie’s Disease. The foam ring allows it to remain steady.
  • Tension Clip Your indicator about the amount of tension being used in your device at any given moment.

At this point, you should know that there’s also a free Android/ios little app for your Phallosan Forte – talk about high-tech stuff!

The Most Important Question – Does It Work And How?

Yes, it does – but not overnight. As with everything it takes quite a bit of consistent use over the course of 4-6 months to see visible results. This is a carefully designed medical device that uses mechanical stretching. However, unlike most penis extending equipment, it does not focus only on the shaft, but on the head as well.

To make a long story short, Phallosan Forte helps your penis grow gradually over time. Additionally, it can also help with Peyronie’s disease, make your penis a little straighter, and it is also used post-surgery after prostate cancer operations. That is to stretch once again that this is a medical device that has been designed for multiple uses other than enlargement. And it works.

There are several testimonies all over the internet, of people that have used and ultimately loved the impact that Phallosan had on their relationships and overall self-esteem.

Note: We highly recommend the Quick Extender Pro over the Phallosan system as the ultimate penis extender today.

Quick extender pro review


Will There Be Pain For The Gain?

Now, fellas, this is the BEST part. Most similar devices are considered rather painful and the reason is simple; they all come with a noose that wraps around your “crown”. But not Phallosan Forte. As you have seen in the “What’s In The Package” section of this review, instead of a noose, you get a nice, cozy sleeve, and a suction bell.

That is to say that you’re not going to choke your most precious part. You will simply put on your Phallosan Forte (it takes no more than 30 seconds for the whole process once you get used to it) and you can wear it comfortable even for the rest of your day!

I know everyone’s favorite saying “No Pains, No Gains” – and I’m glad to say that, for once, this isn’t the case! That’s not to say that it will be like wearing nothing all day. All I’m saying is that it comes nowhere near the asphyxiating, painful feeling the majority of similar methods will give you.

Note: We highly recommend the Quick Extender Pro over the Phallosan system as the ultimate penis extender today.


Money-Money-Money! Is It Worth Mine?

There’s no way to sugarcoat it. If you’ve done your research (and I bet you have, otherwise you wouldn’t have landed here), then you already know that there are no cheap solutions when it comes to your, ahem, physical growth. Well, there are, but these are the ones that aren’t actually working.

And Phallosan Forte works, ergo, you can’t expect it to be cheap. It is an item that you will keep – and, for all intends and purposes, use – maybe for the rest of your life. And the cost is hefty. The package we described above costs $339.00, plus $25.00 shipping costs. A nice sum of $364.00, that is.

Is it worth it?

Ultimately, you will be the one to judge, depending on your wallet and your will. You should also keep in mind that Phallosan Forte also comes with a 14-day Money Back Guarantee. It is nowhere near enough time to see results, but it is more than enough for you to test how it works and if you feel any discomfort wearing. In case you do, you can simply return it – no harm done.

Drumroll; Phallosan Forte Gets Its Verdict!

So, what is the overview for Phallosan Forte?

  • It’s a medical device, based on scientific research that can also help in several other conditions.
  • It comes in a nice, low-key box that contains all the necessary parts, plus a DVD and an info guide to make your life easier.
  • It doesn’t focus on your shaft, but also helps in penis head growth as well.
  • It’s not painful like most extending devices are.
  • If used properly and regularly, it will give you results – in the long run.
  • It costs $364.00, including shipping costs, and comes with a 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

From where I stand, I can’t find a single reason why you shouldn’t try it. It might be a little challenging during the learning-how-to-use-it process, because there are a lot of small parts that should come together, but other than that, the pros simply crash the cons in this case. So, if you really feel like you could use a boost, both literally and metaphorically, Phallosan Forte is definitely the way we’d suggest!

After extensive testing, comparing and analyzing, there is one brand that constantly tops our criteria for the best extender, the Quick Extender Pro.  It simply can’t be beat.  It consistently offers the absolute best value, the highest quality and the most impressive results time and time again.

We highly recommend the Quick Extender Pro over the Phallosan system as the ultimate penis extender today.

Quick extender pro review


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