Pheromone Perfume: The Secret to Attracting Women without Any Effort

By Alex Woodrow | Pheromones

May 25

It’s easy for anyone to dress up nicely. It’s one of the first things a girl would notice about a man. But what’s even more important than looking good is smelling great.

You may not know this but one of the things girls notice the most about men is how they smell. So what if you could use that to your advantage? What if you could use a sort of women-magnet perfume? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, guess what? YOU CAN! That’s what pheromone perfumes are for!

It’s true! Science has proven that males of all species secrete a certain type of odor that attracts women of the same species. Well, humans are no exception! But only alpha males have this unique ability.

Luckily, you can now smell like an alpha male and attract all the women you want thanks to pheromone perfumes!

Benefits of Pheromone Perfumes

  • Gives you an edge over other guys
  • Makes you ten times more attractive
  • Increases your sex appeal
  • Helps you break the ice
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Makes more women approach you and eager to engage in a conversation with you
  • Gives you the upper hand in any social setting
  • Helps you get the girl of your dreams
  • Perfect for rekindling the spark of an old relationship

What to look for in a Pheromone Perfume

If you’re looking for a pheromone perfume to spice up your sex life or help you get the girl of your dreams, then there’s no room for error. You have to choose the perfect pheromone perfume from the start.

Unfortunately, with the huge number of products on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a bunch of handy tips on how to pick out the perfect pheromone perfume! Have a look!

Nexus Pheromone

  1. Type of ingredients

Be smart when choosing your pheromone perfume. While there are products that contain a huge number of pheromones, you can still choose one that has ingredients specific to your needs.

For example, if you’re looking for a pheromone perfume to help you break the ice, then you might want to look for a product that contains a large amount of beta-androstenol, the icebreaker pheromone.

If you’re looking to heat up the romance between you, go for Androstenol which helps maximize women’s sexual drive.  

  1. Reviews!

That’s right, don’t be surprised! Reviews are really important when buying any product off the internet. Companies can claim to be the best of the best, but very few have the customer feedback to prove it.

Luckily, all 10 pheromone perfumes on our list are extremely popular and come with tons of positive feedback! Take a look for yourself and read what others have to say before falling in love with these pheromone perfumes.

  1. Concentration

A formula’s concentration is also very important. The more concentrated a pheromone perfume is, the more potent and more effective it’ll be. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Look for a product that contains a good amount of pheromones!

The Best 10 Pheromone Perfumes

  1. Nexus Pheromones

Nexus Pheromones

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First up on this list is the Nexus Pheromones. This is probably THE best pheromone perfume on our list. In fact, this scent will make you absolutely irresistible to women!

With the Nexus, you’ll start noticing gradual improvements in the way women approach you. They’ll start flirting, interacting, and responding more positively to your advances.

Benefits of Nexus Pheromones

  • Attract women effortlessly
  • Develop instant chemistry
  • Have more sex whether you’re looking for a potential mate or just trying to spice up an existing relationship
  • Women are more eager to talk to you

How does Nexus Pheromones work?

SCIENCE! It’s really all based on science. Women are naturally attracted to guys with a healthy, fertile “pheromone scent” and there’s more than 12 years’ worth of scientific proof to back it up.

Well, guess what? Nexus Pheromones are as healthy and as fertile as it gets! You won’t find a more irresistible scent on the market!

Women naturally have a subconscious, instinctive drive to procreate and maintain their species. So it only makes sense that they’d be subconsciously attracted to a strong, fertile man.

You know how some women look for “tall, dark, and handsome”? Well, men with these characteristics actually DO smell better to women! Luckily, Nexus Pheromones can give you that scent!

What’s inside Nexus Pheromones?

Nexus Pheromones contains a powerful blend of 7 human pheromones. These unique chemical compounds mimic the natural pheromone scent of healthy, fertile, attractive men.

But there’s a catch, Nexus amplifies these natural chemicals a THOUSAND times! Without further ado, here are the magic components.

  • Androstenone: gives off dominance and attracts potential mates
  • Alpha-androstenol: responsible for feelings of comfort and attraction
  • Androsterone: reflects masculinity and has mood-elevating effects on women
  • Epiandrosterone: can reflect youthfulness
  • Beta-androstenol: the “icebreaker pheromone”
  • Androstenedione: increases sexual responsiveness and induces feelings of caring
  • Androstanone : displays power and masculinity


  1. True Pheromones

True Pheromones

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Second on this list is an incredible line of products by True Pheromones. This pheromone perfume works just like magic!

The name says it all. With this pheromone perfume, you’ll truly be an alpha male! Its unique blend of pheromones and pleasant aroma will make you irresistible!

True Pheromones is specially designed with scents related to social status, respect, and trust in mind. It helps the user give off just the right vibe to make women flock to him in a matter of minutes!

True Pheromones not only helps you attract sexual partners, but it also boosts your own self-confidence significantly! After all, if you smelled like masculinity and dominance, wouldn’t you be more confident?

Tons of people who use this pheromone perfume report feeling more confident in social settings and much more respected and loved. You’ll be able to grasp everyone’s attention the moment you walk into a room!

Reasons to use True Pheromones

  • Attract women
  • Have more sex
  • Find someone for just a night or two
  • Re-ignite the passion in your existing relationship
  • Close more business deals
  • Guarantees success on your first date
  • Make you feel like an alpha male
  • Get your old girlfriend back
  • Get more attention
  • Get promoted at work

How is True Pheromones different from other perfumes?

You can’t just throw together a bunch of different pheromones in a bottle and expect it to be a sexual arousal tool. A one-size-fits-all approach is definitely a bad idea.

Some products have high concentrations of Androstenone (the alpha male pheromone). If you were to use this on a first date, you might end up displaying signs of sexual aggression instead of being sexually attractive!

But this doesn’t happen with True Pheromones! It contains just the right amounts!

Using too much of a single pheromone is a bad idea. Combining pheromones that can cancel each other out is also a bad idea. Luckily, True knows its pheromones and has come up with the perfect women-magnet formula.


  1. Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men

Chikara Pheromone

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This incredibly-stimulating cologne from Chikara is truly one of a kind! Its formula is tried-and-true, well-balanced, and practically guaranteed to attract women!

It combines just the right ratio of social and sexual pheromones that give you the perfect level of attractiveness, without coming off as aggressive. You can wear Chikara to any occasion: dates, the office, the bar, anywhere!

If you’re looking for a pheromone perfume that can be worn anywhere, all day long, this is the perfect choice for you!

What’s inside Chikara Pheromone Cologne?

It contains a unique blend of AndrosteNONE, androsteNOL, and AndrosteRONE, alone with a pleasing cover fragrance. It gives off an aroma of sandalwood that is long-lasting, but not overpowering.

You might have noticed that most of these contain the prefix “andro” which is the Latin word for male. In other words, this pheromone perfume gives you a strong sense of masculinity. With Chikara, you’ll be an IRRESISTIBLE alpha male!


  1. Pherazone for Men


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If you’re thinking of heating things up in the bedroom or just looking to attract more women with your amazing body chemistry, Pherazone is perfect for you! In fact, it’s one of the leading pheromone perfumes on the market!

It’s an extremely potent male pheromone that increases sexual desire and arousal, with about ten times higher concentrations than leading market brands.

Why Pherazone is incredible:

  • Contains the world’s highest concentration of pheromones (108mg per oz)
  • Airless, vacuum-sealed bottle stops the pheromones from evaporating
  • Contains a blend of 6 powerful pheromones
  • Manufactured in an FDA-licensed lab
  • Contains about 10 times more pheromones than leading competitive brands
  • Designer irresistible fragrances


  1. Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Men

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Raw Chemistry. Even the name sounds impressive. Imagine how irresistible it can make you! This unique formula of pheromones is tested rigorously and proven effective in a strict, Oregon-based lab in the U.S.

It’s specifically designed to target all the right receptors in women’s brains, inducing feelings of attraction, desire, and sexual tension.

Why Raw Chemistry?

  • Long lasting effect and fragrance
  • Extra-strength concentration of human-grade pheromones
  • Vigorously tested in labs
  • Incorporates silk-based moisturizing effects that are perfect for sensitive skin
  • All products are non-animal tested
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied

What makes up Raw Chemistry?

Raw Chemistry consists of a unique blend of human-grade pheromones along with fragrance, water, and isopropyl myristate.


  1. Pure Instinct Pheromone Perfume

Pure Instinct Perfume for Men

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This pheromone perfume from Pure Instinct is sweet and simple. It doesn’t involve any fancy ingredients. No bells or whistles. Just pure, concentrated, pheromones.

But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s overpowering or so. Pure Instinct Pheromone Perfume is as light and gentle as it gets.  In fact, it’s one of the lightest, most sensual pheromone perfumes on our list!

One of the best things about Pure Instinct is that you can wear it alone or combine it with your favorite cologne. It’s subtle, but women will pick it up nonetheless. After that, you’ll be the one doing the picking up!

What’s inside Pure Instinct Pheromone Perfume?

Pure Instinct is one of those perfumes that contain a small number of pheromones, but that doesn’t make it ineffective. It contains just the right amounts of the two main pheromones: Androstenol and Androstenone.

As for the fragrance, Pure Instinct uses a unique blend of aromas that some people liken to melons, fruits, and bubble gum.

Who is Pure Instinct Best for?

Anyone who wants to try out pheromone perfumes for the first time, Pure Instinct is a great choice to consider. It’s gentle and subtle, but extremely effective. You can even mix it in your cologne and you’ll forget it’s even there!


  1. Do Me Seduce Her Pheromone Cologne

Do Me Pheromone

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What more do you need to know about this pheromone perfume? The name says is it all! It’s literally one of the best pheromones on the market when it comes to seducing the woman of your dreams and enhancing your sex life.

The best part is that she won’t have any idea why she’s attracted to you. She just likes your cologne. Little does she know that your pheromone perfume is attracting her and reeling her in on a raw biochemical level!

Seduce Me has just the right pheromones that can find their way to a woman’s brain receptors in order to stimulate feelings of desire, attraction, and sexual tension!

Best features of Do Me Seduce Her Pheromone Cologne

  • Contains a powerful, tested blend of the 4 most effective human-grade pheromones out there
  • 57mg of pheromones per bottle
  • Comes in the form of easy-to-use bottles that can fit in your pocket


  1. Gentleman Pheromone Cologne

Next up is the Gentleman Pheromone Cologne. This unprecedented pheromone perfume has the ability to transform you into the perfect gentleman!

You’ll an obvious advantage over any males in any social setting.

What’s inside Gentleman Pheromone Cologne?

Gentleman Pheromone Cologne contains a unique blend of ingredients that you won’t find together in anything else! It has some Patchouli, Blond Leather, White Woods, and Spice Notes.

Throw those in with 50mg of Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone, and Androsterone and you’ve got one hell of a pheromone perfume!

Why Gentleman Pheromone Cologne?

  • Silky smooth, moisturizing blend that helps increase the absorption of pheromones
  • Long lasting and quite effective
  • One of the best-scented colognes on the market
  • Lab-proven ability to attract women
  1. PhermaLabs Pheromones

Before we get to the last pheromone perfume on our list, we want to run this impressive product by you first. PhermaLabs Pheromone is made by a company that has devoted its entire name to pheromones!

In fact, the company claims that this pheromone will increase your sexual attractiveness to unprecedented levels. Your sex appeal will intensify and all of your love dreams will become real.

That’s because PhermaLabs contains only the finest of human sex pheromones that’ll up your confidence in ways you’ve never seen before. Not only that, but it also contains oxytocin, the most important hormone ever!

Why PhermaLabs Pheromones?

  • Totally risk-free
  • Greatly increases your sex appeal and self-confidence
  • Long-lasting smell
  • Contains 25mg of pheromones: androstenone, androsterone, androstenol, and androstadienone + oxytocin
  • Delicate fragrance
  1. Max Attraction Gold

Last, but definitely not least, is the Max Attraction Gold pheromone perfume. This impressive formula consists of 8 optimized pheromones that are specially designed to maximize potency and allure!

It’ll leave you smelling cool, fresh, and definitely noticeable by women. All it takes is a single spray of Max Attraction and women will start flocking to you like cats to catnip!

Max Attraction Gold is the perfect way to get the pheromones Mother Nature forgot to give you!

Max Attraction Gold Guarantees:

  • More dates
  • More sexual intercourse
  • More romantic gestures from the opposite sex
  • Increased confidence and sex appeal

It’s no wonder Max Attraction Gold is one of the most loved products on the internet!

Our Pick for the Best Pheromone Perfume

It was no easy feat scavenging the market looking for the best 10 pheromone perfumes out there. It should be even harder to choose the best one out of these 10 perfumes.

But it wasn’t. Why? Because there’s one pheromone perfume that stands out above all: Nexus Pheromones.

Nexus Pheromones is truly unrivaled when it comes to formulation, efficacy, and reliability. It’ll make you simply irresistible and can definitely change your life!

FAQ about Pheromone Perfumes

– What are Pheromone Perfumes?

Pheromone perfumes are basically fragrances that imitate the natural odors produced by healthy, fertile, confident, alpha males.

They help give you the masculinity, power, and confidence you need to attract sexual partners and the woman of your dreams!

They work by causing the release of neurotransmitters in a woman’s brain that modify her behavior, triggering feelings like sexual excitement, desire, and attraction!

Pheromones are basically magic love potions!

About the Author

Alex Woodrow has been a contributor for for over 10 years and has a deep passion for Male health and well being. Alex has studied chemistry at UCLA and has a thorough understanding of the supplements industry, product formulation and the science behind male health.